You never know until you get up at 5:30

“Hello,” I answer my phone joyfully that morning. “How is your father-in-law?”

“Hi,” the Mentalist returns in polite exchange. “Results in a day or two. How are you?”

“Good!” I cheer for good measure. “I have actioned it: getting up early at 5:30 and doing yoga. Every day but not in weekends.”

“Very good,” the Mentalist motivates me. “Well done.”

“Strange though,” I ponder my new found quality time. “That one extra hour in the morning just flies by. I don’t get to do much. Cuppa tea and a cig, some yoga and just gathering my thoughts. Waking up slowly. However it does add to quality. Less running around etc. Everything can be done in a relaxed state.”

“That’s the idea,” the Mentalist confirms I have found the secret to getting things done.

It is a known saying that we are more likely to regret the things we did not do than the things we did. I’ll admit that I have this little plucky voice in my head that tells me to hit the snooze button at 5:30 each morning. But this extra time I have found for myself encourages me to be game rather than to hold back. Life is about living and experiencing, not spending time in bed sleeping. Each day I manage to fit in some extra learning, and the focus and clarity I get from my morning yoga practise is always worth it.




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