Stress release

“Hi there,” I greet the Mentalist.

“Hi. What’s up?” he asks me pleasantly. “How are you?”

“I am good and you?” I start out but in fact I am regretting taking it easy for a while. I should be stepping up my game, not resting. Or so I think. In fact I am yet to understand that balance is needed in all areas in order to be successful. “I don’t like taking a step back. Not being lazy but doing less feels uncomfortable. I shouldn’t have stopped hockey. Now I will get fat again. And I never hear back from people. Always sounds like a good idea then it flops. Patience I guess. I don’t know. Feel uncomfortable. Waiting for things to happen and then they don’t. Or not yet.”

I am breaking the chains that keep me bound in stress and anxiety. I am open to receive more and create prosperity. The attainment of prosperity, happiness, real wealth, and freedom begins with a new consciousness and awareness of all the beliefs that created my current circumstances. Prosperity and true freedom from stress and axniety are acquired through consciously focused intention and feelings.




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