Big ideas you already know about

“Good morning,” I am half excited and half nerved up. “The sale of the new house is for 6th of November so faster than foreseen.”

“Yes they don’t want you to change your mind,” the Mentalist in turn is half serious and half teasing me.

“Well it is good we will access the house earlier,” I tell him of the advantages this change of plan brings. “But stress nothing is moving on the other house.”

“Indeed,” the Mentalist agrees.

“Immo agent is useless,” I am annoyed with my real estate agent. Never hear from them, no reporting, nothing. “I am calling them now.”

“Yes,” the Mentalist is eager to agree again. “There aren’t any good ones and they won’t let me do it. I could sell one a month easy.”

“I talked to my friend Pieter last night,” I am excited to tell him I have come up with a brilliant new idea all by myself. Well with a little help of my friends. “We need a description with experience. Like… in the summer you enjoy a glass of rosé on the terrace whilst the kids play in the heated, secured pool. In the winter you curl up in front of the cosy fireplace.”

“That’s the idea,” the Mentalist encourages me. And then I realize that this is in fact what he had been telling me all along that I need to do. Go around each room and write down my feelings. I resisted and resisted, till lo and behold, another friend of mine tells me about something and I suddenly think I have had this genius idea. Whilst all along the Mentalist had been telling me exactly that. Now if I were the Mentalist, I would be pretty peeved off about this. But he doesn’t seem to mind too much.

“Your cars can be parked on the private driveway,” I ramble on telling him all the good ideas I came up with. “Yes let’s get rid of this stupid agent. I am putting it back online myself with my pictures and my own description at 540k. How much could we rent it out for?”

“Yes write an emotional description,” the Mentalist repeats again to make sure I actually follow through on this plan, regardless of who thought of it first. “Say how the sun comes in and lights up this room. Between 1.200 and 1.800.”

“So 1.500 really,” I make a quick mental calculation. “1.800 would be ideal. Wim wants to lower the price.”

So often I hear myself saying “I love this, and I’ll do it next week.” Only in rare instances has procrastination ever worked out for me. But it will not work in the specific case of selling my house. Perhaps you’ve been following along with my blogs for some time now. Perhaps you’ve heard all about my discussions with the Mentalist from friends and family, perhaps you’ve even talked to the Mentalist in the past. Or maybe you’ve just come across our work. All I can say is if you have any kind of intuitive pull towards my blog, the Mentalist, and all our discussions, this is your moment to take decisive action.

Perhaps it’s an inconvenient time. I know it can feel like moving heaven and earth to make things happen. I invite you to be bold, be outrageous, and find a way to make things happen. I promise that you won’t regret it.




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