Be gentle always and with everyone

“Why are you surprised?” the Mentalist demands to know after I told him that Wim was considering to lower our price on the house.

“Exactly!” I exclaim very much excited and revved up. “Right now that I have taken time out to de-stress it’s time to step it up again. Still doing yoga every morning. Now I am going to add running to the mix. Moving earlier might be to my advantage. The house will be empty so perfect for better pictures. Then get rid of the stupid immo agent and sell it myself. Or rent it out. Whichever comes first. I put my foot down though. Not touching that price anymore. It is not going any lower. No way!”

“Good,” the Mentalist is happy to hear he has knocked some sense into me by repetitively coaching me on the subject.

“And further reading and studying,” I lay out my plans. “You never answered my question.”

“What’s your question?” the Mentalist asks me a little taken aback.

“How is Debbie and her pottery?” I repeat because I haven’t forgotten. And like I said, I am curious to know what goes on in his life. Even as a recluse there must be interesting stuff going on. And I want to know.

“She is fine ta,” the Mentalist answers. His English catches me off guard. “Very busy. I have to learn so I can help.”

“Play with clay,” I immediately try to settle my feelings. It was just a “ta” instead of “thanks” after all. Why is this small word having such an effect on me? “Sounds like fun.”

Struggle can find no foothold when confronted with gentleness, because conflict can only exist when fed by two opposing forces.




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