Deep look

“Hello good morning,” I am excited to cheer.

“Hi,” the Mentalist is happy to hear I am in such a great mood. “How are you?”

“Good,” I answer in a hurry to get my story across. “And you? Guess what!”

“What?” the Mentalist’s interest is peaked now, even if he won’t admit it.

“I am friends with Kevin Hogan on Facebook,” I chime. “Quite chuffed.”

“Great,” the Mentalist answers as if this is not such a big deal. “Pick his brains.”

“Yes I should send him a message now,” I answer as I flex my fingers in front of my computer trying to think of something witty to write.

“Ok,” the Mentalist is ready to move on from this subject. “What else is new?”

“What should I say?” I asked excitedly as I have opened a Messenger window in the Facebook interface ready to send a message to Kevin Hogan.

“Ask if you can come and live with him,” the Mentalist answers tongue in cheek.

“Haha noooo,” I answer. Surely the Mentalist isn’t jealous to hear me so excited about Kev.

“I don’t know,” the Mentalist doesn’t want to play along nicely.

“Tell him I’m such a fan I blog about him,” I think as I start typing my message. “Tell him the Mentalist says hi.”

“Talk about his subject,” the Mentalist advises this would be my best move. “The power of persuasion.”

“Come on, what would be a great opening?” I ask him as I am stuck on what to say. I want to make a good impression. Somebody like Kevin Hogan must get fan mail by the dozen on a daily basis. I want to make sure that my message stands out. Something he would be enticed to reply to.

“No don’t mention me,” the Mentalist dissuades me.

“The attraction principle,” I agree this would be a great subject to talk about. “How can I use it to sell my house?”

“Yes,” the Mentalist agrees my idea is quite good.

“Why not mention you? Have you been bad?” I ask him worried how close friends they are or were. “Okay do you think he will answer?”

“No,” the Mentalist replies shortly to my inquiry of their type of relationship. “Yes he might. Yes ask how to sell your house.”

“Ooooh exciting exciting!” I am hopping about in my chair and my fingers typing away on my keyboard. “Shall I mention my blog?”

“Yes,” the Mentalist agrees again.

“Okay,” I decide as I read my message over one more time and then hit the send button. “Hope he replies.”

“Yes let me know,” the Mentalist concludes.

“I have lost 8,5kg so far. How good is that?!” I am happy to tell him more good news this morning. “I am almost there. And when I am there, I want to stay there. He’s not replying. Maybe he’s on the plane to Poland. Maybe he continually gets fan mail and he just ignores it. Maybe he’s checking me out first.”

“Maybe he is sleeping,” the Mentalist replies disinterested. “What’s amazing is women here have a baby and drop right back to their original weight in three months.”

“Women where?” I ask as I am never sure of the Mentalist’s whereabouts. “That is amazing. It took me 12 years. Found out on Facebook one of my cousins has had a baby. Am not congratulating her. Will never forget how they have all collectively ignored my little Willem. Besides once I reach 52kg I want to keep that weight. No more no less. No bouncing back.”

“That’s a good goal,” the Mentalist acquiesces. “You are almost there. More important is your house sale. Have you tried to write an appealing description yet?”

“Come home to this cosy spacious house in a green secluded environment,” I start out with my first sentence.

“That’s better,” the Mentalist replies in an encouraging tone.

Maybe all I am really looking for is an answer to how hectic daily life can be. I wish to find a guarantee to a calm and peaceful way of living. Let’s get swept away on the wave of inner peace and calm.




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