Tick tock, happier times await

“Good morning,” I greet my best friend.”Kevin never replied. Funny you mentioned I should get into politics, and Kevin is into helping politicians… My brother Fatty is trying to get a foot in the door in Keerbergen politics. Red party, complete losers. Who should I approach and how? To get into politics I mean.”

“Ask Wim,” the Mentalist retorts. I am taken aback by his answer and don’t know if he is brushing me off because I am upset about Kevin Hogan not replying, or because I ask so many questions.

“Ask Wim?” I ask in disbelief. “Really. I love Wim but sometimes he is so complicated. But yes you are right, I will ask Wim.”

“Then join the party you believe in,” the Mentalist finally steps up. “If they don’t have a rep in your area offer to stand for them and if they agree make some events to attract people to join you or become members so they vie for you.”

“Yup sounds good,” I agree this is a good plan. “I would be blue or green. Blue really.”

“Contact them,” the Mentalist encourages me.

“Definitely not red,” I go on thinking out loud where my political loyalties lie. “I will. Pity about Kevin. Maybe I will comment on some of his posts.”

“Busy guy,” the Mentalist susses me, but I am really not that impressed at not getting an answer.

“Mmmmm,” I answer unconvinced but not voicing it. “Would you help me with advice for a tarot client?”

“Yes,” the Mentalist agrees. “But you must tell me the whole story and not assume as you do I am next to you and involved.”

I send him a copy of her latest messages and go on to explain her question: “She is 50 and good looking, no kids. He is 38 and involved with someone else. They “see” each other sometimes. She is madly in love and convinced he is her soulmate. Need more info?”

“No,” the Mentalist answers shortly. “What do you want to know?”

“I won’t do the cards since my last spooky encounter,” I explain why I can’t come up with an answer for her, although her story is very clear and you need not be a psychic to work out that this just won’t work out. “What should I tell her?”

“Just make a prayer for your protection and throw the cards,” the Mentalist wants to see me going on the cards again. “What does she want to know really?”

“Will she catch him and keep him?” I summarize.

“I guess she doesn’t want to know the truth,” the Mentalist sighs deeply.

“No,” I agree for the truth is blatantly clear.

“So lie to her,” the Mentalist offers as an alternative. “Tell her what she wants to hear. That way you can milk her until she gets fed up.”

“Like what shall I say?” I insist he helps me out with the wording here. “I would rather tell her the truth anyway. So how shall I put it?”

“The truth is Steven is very weak,” the Mentalist starts out and from the sound of his voice, he is going for the brutal, honest truth. I am going to need to wrap this up with lots of flowers before bringing it to my client. “He thinks with his penis. So unless she is the most amazing fuck known to man she should let him go and retain her dignity. There are many more even at 60 who know how to fuck as that seems all she is really interested in. If she wants a real relationship and is happy to think of herself as a second class person then continue. If not and she has some self respect she should look for someone new.”

“That’s harsh,” I conclude but I realize there is no easy way to bring this message.

“Yes,” the Mentalist agrees it can’t be a nice thing to hear when you are hoping for the exact opposite outcome. “So soften it and give her hope.”

“Can I put a link to my blog on Linkedin?” I suddenly ask him out of nowhere. In fact, this question arose when my friend Amy pointed out that I can’t blog about losing clients and then have my blog available on Linkedin for all to see that things are not so peachy in my professional life. But I beg to disagree.

“Yes,” the Mentalist’s opinion on the matter is without doubt.

“Thanks,” I beam reassured. “The damn toys started singing again at  22:55. Spooky things.”

It is not easy to bring bad news. The saying “don’t shoot the messenger” is real. People don’t like the bearer’s of bad news. It is also hard to like somebody who doesn’t reciprocate, like a simple reply to an email. And finally, we tend to like those who like the same things as us more. Like attracts like. Blue and red don’t mix.

Contrarily, I would end on this note. It is important to be there for our loved ones during the good times, not just the difficult times.




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