After the storm

“Hi,” I greet the Mentalist. “Google has a new opening in Brussels. Should I apply? My house is haunted by the way.” In fact, that last was my true statement. The rest was just sugar coating.

“Yes apply,” the Mentalist replies. “Sounds fun. Maybe you should stay and do a haunted hotel gig.”

“Haha yes,” I laugh at the mere thought. “Or it might devalue my house. Hope nothing starts levitating or flying across the room. Or doors slamming.”

“Stop walking around naked,” the Mentalist teases me tongue in cheek. “You are frustrating the ghost.”

“Hahahaaah,” I love a good laugh. Really in the mood for fun. “Wish the ghost would attract the right buyer.”

“Maybe we should turn it into Hotel California,” the Mentalist goes on reminding me of that melancholic song I used to love as a teenager. “Do spooky workshops and tarot readings.”

“Oooh yeah,” I love the idea, but a quick math calculation tells me it won’t bring in 1.800 euro per month. “And teach women how to lose weight. I don’t even know how I did it. But you do. 8,5 kg in just over 4 months. Not bad.”

“Very good,” the Mentalist encourages me for my good work. “Maybe the ghost helped.”

“Yes maybe he did,” I answer without believing a word of it. “Maybe it’s a friendly ghost. I mean he likes to play with toys. Oh the tarot woman wants to know if the girlfriend is really pregnant. I am guessing she is.”

“Shame, poor idiot,” the Mentalist replies and I can see him shaking his head in my mind’s eye. “Why would he give up a sexy young girlfriend or wife for a has-been even if she is good looking. His friends will laugh at him.”

“Very true,” I agree as I can just imagine what the situation is like. Guy getting some nookie on the side with an older woman, older woman madly in love, but guy not thinking of anything serious. So obvious. “Well she is having a hard time believing I got this info from a ghost who makes my lights flicker and the kids’ toys sing. She probably thinks I am insane now. Maybe she will stop asking me questions too.”

“But be kind,” the Mentalist cautions me. And he is right. Reading the tarot is intense and engages people’s emotions. “Tell her that her receptors are telling her to learn from Steve and look for a more permanent relationship to move to. I feel sorry for the girlfriend.”

“Ok just added that,” I tell him as I simultaneously type a message to said woman on my iPhone. “Thanks for the kindness. I sometimes forget or don’t know how. I am having drinks tomorrow night with ‘her’.”

“Ok,” the Mentalist invites me to share more about how I am feeling.

“Strange,” I stop to remark on how I am feeling at the prospective meeting. “I am actually looking forward to my glass of champagne.”

“Enjoy,” the Mentalist is happy to hear that. “Send my regards. Perhaps we will meet and I will read her cards.”

“Haha yes great idea,” I laugh thinking in fact he was referring to my tarot client. “When are you over again?”

“December or January,” the Mentalist informs me nonchalantly.

“Okay will see if she is still hanging in till then,” I tell him still referring to my tarot client.

“Ok,” the Mentalist agrees to let it go for now.

I would like to seize this moment to thank everyone who reached out to me during the moments of crisis and the moments of joy in my life in the recent years. Your words of concern and inspiration, as well as offers of assistance were invaluable to me during both good times and difficult times.

Light and love,



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