“Good morning,” I greet my best friend that morning.

“Hi,” the Mentalist replies lightly.

“You know I was thinking last night… I am so bad,” I go about telling him my remorse for leading that poor tarot client lady on. “Telling that poor woman the ghost story. That is how the book the Law of Attraction came about and then the Secret. A woman who claimed she was talking to a spirit named Abraham.”

“What secret?” the Mentalist asks interested.

“Got stinking rich on it,” I go on telling him all I know about Esther Hicks and Rhonda Byrne. “The Secret, the bogus book. Think positive things and you will attract what you desire. A cheap spin-off from Napoleon Hill’s original work.”

“I see,” the Mentalist answers as he starts to get a good picture of what I am referring to. “So ask your ghost what it wants or is trying to tell you.”

“What do you want? What are you trying to tell me?” I try out and immediately feel silly. As if an answer will just present itself to me. “You know you are the ghost.”

“When did I become your ghost?” the Mentalist retorts half amused and half annoyed.

“Besides the real ghost who makes the toys sing,” I precise. “I told you last night.”

“This is a novel concept for me,” the Mentalist is amused and I can hear he wants to explore my idea a little further. “You might have something here to think about.”

“Really? What do you mean?” I ask him almost excited to finally have a good idea. “It’s not completely untrue. Do you think we can market it? In essence I am only really talking to your mind through a medium. No physical contact. Nothing tangible. This makes you kind of like a spirit ghost.”

“Yes if we shroud it in smoke and mirrors,” the Mentalist thinks practical now. “Of course it will be short lived. A few years at most. But you would need to blog on open forums.”

“Plus you are very knowledgeable you could pass as all knowing and all seeing easily,” I enthusiasm as I think of the many possibilities this idea opens up. “Blog on open forums? Like which ones? Only short lived, that’s a pity. Why?”

“You, or we will need to  create an identity that has secrecy to answer questions by the readers,” the Mentalist lays the foundations to get this idea off the ground. “Thank you. Let me think about how to. Please do the same. You will make a pay to play situation. Each question cost money as you will have to spend time tapping into this spiritual connection. Forums you would know better but I suspect Instagram, Facebook and any other you might know of. Short term because someone will investigate our claim.”

“Oh yes will do some research,” I go on all happy and hopping about with joy. “Oh and we will be uncovered. Really? How could they uncover this?”

“Not really but they will doubt us which is good publicity,” the Mentalist explains the mechanisms of marketing.

“Okay so we defo need to hide our identity,” I conclude. “Oh yes great! How shall we call it?”

“Let’s think about this,” the Mentalist replies. And he is right. We need research and time to think this out carefully if we want to be successful. “You already have a good start for this. You must write about this as a story. Create a legend. Create curiosity and reaching a solution by your spiritual guide.”

“Okay so a new blog, a new platform besides my current blog,” I think out loud of all the steps to take just to get it set up.

“Use what you have just reach out further,” the Mentalist encourages me to use my network.

“On my current blog,” I think out the details. “Yes… Need to look into payment options.”

Paypal?” the Mentalist offers the obvious solution. “After your dinner if you have time let’s talk about this. We will pick topics and figure out how to set this up.”

“Super super duper,” I am really excited about this idea. We would really be able to help people and get some coverage on our endeavours. What’s not to like.

My phone buzzes to announce the arrival of a text message. I scan my phone and am instantly disheartened to find a message from my mother. “She cancelled our meeting tonight. So no champagne for me tonight. Poopie. Her suggestion is 5th or 8th of November. What strange dates, far in the future again. Don’t think I want to engage in this stupid game.”

“It’s in two weeks or so,” the Mentalist points out that two weeks is not really such a long time to postpone.

“I told her after mid November,” I tell the Mentalist in a mood as I type and send my reply. “After the move. I know two or three or four weeks, it is totally normal.”

I then instantly go on with our new idea and send a few messages to friends asking them what they would ask a ghost spirit if they had the opportunity to ask any question whatsoever. I am pleased to receive a few instant replies. Must admit I am a little surprised by what people pretend they would ask. I wonder what they would really ask: “Anyways, good question, which topics would you ask a ghost? What does my future hold? What should I study? Will I have a job? These are the replies people are giving me. How boring… What about the Occultist instead of the Mentalist?”

End of year is a cherished time for us to slow down, get present to the moment, and reflect on the people, places, memories, and magic moments that make life itself so special. We come together with our family and friends to share in the spirit of gratitude. 

Often around the table we ask: What are you grateful for?

It’s such a powerful question.

In deep thanks and gratitude,



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