A little bit of love will go a long way

“The idea is to blog about everyday issues,” the Mentalist picks up the conversation where we left off. We just had a great idea to reach out to people to help them with specific questions and topics they are struggling with. “They pick the topics. It’s their question we will answer. All the what if/ should/ could questions are good. How to and where and when are also good. For women who will be the bulk of our enquiries the subjects we must start on are motivational. Money, weight and emotional security. No titles are needed. My name is Mordecai. You don’t know my history. I just appeared one evening to you. Choose the method of how we met. And I told you through you we will help people who are trying to find their way in life. Job changes, relationship problems included.”

“Is Mordecai written with a K or a C?” I ask him taking note as we talk. “Amy wants to know what is in the hereafter.”

“K,” the Mentalist specifies how to write his stage name. “That’s a long answer. Can she be more specific? It’s all good though.”

“How do I talk to you. If people ask. Is it all in my head?” I want to know, because it’s a fine line talking to a ghost, and being seen as schizophrenic and insane. “That makes you a Jewish ghost… What do you look like or don’t I know? Amy wants to know is there such a thing as God?”

“Seriously?” the Mentalist snaps back and I can tell he is annoyed.

“Yes,” I answer and I can already see our entire idea going pear shaped even before we started.

“What does she think?” the Mentalist retorts with blatant irritation in his voice.

“Why would we empower women? I mean why women, why not men?” I ask him wondering who our target audience is and how to reach them. At the same time I am conversing via Whatsapp with my friend Amy. “Amy said it would be cool if it were true, but I am kidding, right. Haha here we go. How did you present yourself? How do spirits present themselves? Did I see you? Hear you? What?”

“Ok you can choose,” the Mentalist evades my questions.

“What about, all of a sudden I was in a different space,” I frantically start thinking up scenarios. But not really good at this as I have never been much into the occult and I wouldn’t for the life of me know how these kinds of things are reported to unroll. “Does that sound plausible? Like in a trance? Ok like in meditation, like in a trance.”

“Ok. I see the problem,” the Mentalist points out where this plan is immediately failing. “I am a mental scientist. I am not dead. I deal in people’s behaviour and solve issues related to work and life. I don’t discuss whether there is a God or not as that is subjective. I believe there is. For each question they must deposit into your account 80 Euros or more, you decide. Half is yours. Try and take this seriously. All you do is create a small legend and you relay the questions. If they are bullshit ones like Amy asks don’t send them to me. Waste of time. Or charge 150 per question like that.”

“Haha okay,” I try to laugh it off to clear the tension in the air. “But how do we get this going? So no ghost.”

“I will answer once you confirm payment and not before,” the Mentalist says firmly.

“Poop,” I sigh as I realize I won’t be able to answer Amy and I can’t really ask her to pay money. “Don’t we need to answer some things first to get it going?”

“No as that brings a sense of silliness for you,” the Mentalist is not fooled. He has seen that the ghost story is only going to lead to me being discredited. “If I am a ghost then get serious about it. You ask me questions and I reply to you. It takes some time before you get an answer. I might ask you questions to understand their questions before I reply. Also state there can be discrepancies as the channel can be distorted sometimes.”

“Ok you are right,” I agree happy to hear the Mentalist is just annoyed how things got started. But he is still on board, so nothing lost. “So we need to create buzz around this and market it and spread the word.”

“You put on social media: Questions answered by a guardian angel called Mordecai. He talks about self confidence, relationships, how to get your ex back, career planning, mental strategy, how to meet that special person,” he pauses for a moment as I jot down all his ideas in my notebook. “Is your relationship a good one? Is he or she the right one? Those kind of things. You make lots of questions and post them.” Another pause as I continue taking down all what the Mentalist is instructing me. “I am driving now. I will be in the kitchen in an hour.”

“Ok. We need to talk about this,” I decide as I go over my notes. “Continue on my blog single mum travels yoga? What about the Mentalist? Or make a totally new platform?”

“New,” the Mentalist decides resolutely. “Mum is no good for this. Mentalist has possibility.

“Okay but continue with mum blogging? Or stop that?” I want to know. I love my blog on single mum subjects and am very grateful for all the people who bother to read me daily. “Or just create a Facebook page for the Mentalist which just replies to questions… This is so muddled.”

“Come on honey. Work it out,” the Mentalist urges me to clear my head and make a structured plan for this new idea. “You need to make a blog. I will send you from time to time some stuff on email for the blog. Questions asked and answered in a very edited form can be used also. We will create some fake references too. Some of the blogs you have written can be adapted and used. Get creative. Put your money making cap on. Copy others who are doing this. Do a little research. I will do that too. This is the best business idea we have come up with so far. Translate into three languages. Bigger market. We will be a success as I will also make predictions using tarot.”

“It is. And you are right, start on a brand new platform,” I am happy to hear we will be moving forward with this. Think of all the people we could talk to. “I will start working on it this weekend. All input welcome. The idea is bloody brilliant. I am researching William Walker Atkinson. Apparently he wrote about the Law of Attraction before Esther Hicks did. Love this.”

“We can answer questions on that subject too,” the Mentalist concedes. But he goes on to point out to me that most people are really only interested in love and parenting. “Also on bad behaviour. How to be a good parent.”

“Brilliant!” I exclaim. “Remember Dani, the guy who asked that question on Twitter. He wants to talk to you, my doctor friend. What shall I do? Or how can he contact you?”

I send him the message again which Dani had sent to me. I am excited about this too. The first person we can help untangle the dark mess in his heart and mind. Let the light back in.

“Ok do you know what he wants to talk about?” the Mentalist asks me after a moment of silence as he read the forwarded message.

“He sounds… depressed or lost,” I tell him what I intuitively feel on this subject. “How can you be depressed in Bali? He is from Lanzarote, lives in Bali now with his wife”

“Easily,” is all the Mentalist answers. And that gets me thinking. I know Dani had been active some years ago on social media posting pictures of the harsh living conditions for children in the places known as paradise to Western tourists.

“We did the same online course together 10 years ago,” I tell the Mentalist where I know Dani from. “Think it was HTML or CSS or something early digital back then.”

“Ok. Tell him we want to help,” the Mentalist decides. “Give him my email address. This one we will use as a reference for our site. We are global now.”

“We need a new email address : the.mentalist at gmail dot com,” I suggest as I think back to wanting to maintain secrecy around our true identity.

“Rbfonly@gmail.com,” the Mentalist informs me.

“Who is rbfonly?” I ask surprised. I instantly Google it and find that RBF is an acronym for Resting Bitch Face. No surely… “Is this your email address and can I use it for Dani? I sent an email to test rbfonly. What does rbf stand for?”

“Real bloody fool,” the Mentalist retorts with a chuckle.

“Ah so not Resting Bitch Face syndrome,” I sigh relieved at the explanation. “And it really exists?”

“Or Fiona’s best friend,” the Mentalist is in the mood for a tease.

“Because you’re not answering my mail,” I tell him suspiciously.

“Yes it does,” the Mentalist retorts and I can hear some tapping in the background.

“Yes you are my best friend,” I concede. “Who is the fool? You or the person mailing you?”

“Me,” the Mentalist answers. And it’s funny, because he has called himself an idiot quite often. Come to think of it, he calls me an idiot quite often too.

“Yes,” I laugh heartily. “Why do you think that of yourself?”

“I should have married you when I had the chance,” the Mentalist sure knows how to get me going.

“Don’t start,” I laugh out loud now because this conversation is turning into something quite ludicrous. “No things are as they should be right now.”

“Yes indeed,” the Mentalist agrees mysteriously.

We’re on a mission to find out what’s going on in the world. For this, we partnered with spiritual guides to get the conversation going.

So, we want you to invest 5 minutes of your time by letting us know which questions you would want answered, because this will help all of us. We’re all in this together.

Have a happy day,



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