Making no sense at all

“Hello, how are you? Did you have a nice weekend?” I ask my doctor friend that morning. “I have written down what I feel about my house. How I feel about the house I am selling…”

I get out the piece of paper I have used to note down, scribble and cross out my thoughts and feelings, until I came to this description: “I love coming home to this cosy, spatious place in a green and secluded environment. In winter, I curl up in front of the fireplace with my favourite book. In summer, the living room is cool and fresh, and gives a wonderful view of the garden. Summer nights we spend on the covered terrace enjoying a glass of rosé wine whilst lighting the built-in barbeque. The kids play nicely in the heated and secured swimming pool. The kitchen reminds me of my grandmothers’ sacred space where she would cook amazing meals to share with the entire family. The loft upstairs is a heaven for anyone artistic as the northern light in-fall allows for powerful creativity. My cars are always parked safely on the private driveway.

I wish for this house to attract the right buyer. A family who is climbing the ladder of success, and wishes to grow and expand in the comfort my home provides.

My house makes me feel at home. It is where I come to rest, where my heart is.”

I fold up my piece of paper again very solemnly and mark a pause. “What do you think? Still too much magical thinking?”

“Drop the last sentence,” is all the Mentalist replies to my efforts.

“My house makes me feel at home… drop that?” I ask for good measure as I take out my notes and cross out the last sentence. “Okay. We are still stuck with the immo agent. But will translate this and… create a Facebook page? I created a Facebook page for Mordecai the Mentalist”

“Great,” the Mentalist is pleased to hear I have moved forward on this idea.

“Do you want to see it?” I ask him as I hope he is curious what I have done so far.

Dani contacted me,” the Mentalist says as I simultaneously go on the same track: “Did Dani get in touch with you?”

“Yes I do,” the Mentalist enquires about our new Facebook page.

“Haha you beat me to it,” I laugh at our synchronicity. “I am glad he did. He was always very nice. Answering questions and sharing info and stuff. He is very talented with photography.”

“Is he happily married?” the Mentalist wants to know. And I find that a slightly inappropriate question. As if I go around asking people about their personal intimates. I decide to ignore it and send him the link to Mordecai’s new Facebook page.

“I don’t know,” I answer to truth. “I know he moved to Bali for his wife. I think. I only really have him on Facebook and Twitter so I have a vague idea where he is or what he does. Never talked to him on a deeper level. What do you think? And what’s next? Create a blog for Mordecai, or just start marketing this?”

“About?” the Mentalist wants to know on which subject I am requesting his opinion.

“About the Facebook page for our Mordecai idea,” I insist.

“Both,” the Mentalist answers vaguely. “A blog and marketing. It’s great.”

“Do I need to change anything?” I ask him for reassurance. “And you are still on board to do this with me? And who am I? Silly Cindy? Silly Sindy with an S.”

“Yes I am still on board,” the Mentalist confirms. “Be Fiona. Imagine the power of one. When last did you feel wonderful? Imagine you felt wonderful and desirable most of the time. What would you do if your sense of self worth had a higher value? Imagine your peace of mind if you could get your family, friends and associates to do things with you that are a win win instead of a right and wrong.”

“When did I last feel wonderful?” I get stuck and ponder on that question. “It comes in spurts and bursts but not a fulltime feeling. Do you think that is possible, to feel great most of the time?”

“They are subjects for your blog,” the Mentalist points out to my frustration.

“I generally feel happy and average normal,” I reply tapping into my feelings. I am annoyed he isn’t telling me the secret answer to the question now.

“Yes it is if you can control your environment,” the Mentalist gives me a hint of which direction I need to be thinking in.

“Sigh… the power of persuasion,” I conclude as this reminds me of stuff I have ready by Kevin Hogan. “If I had a higher self worth, I would be a winner. A hands-on dynamic mom. A fit MILF. A very well-paid consultant. I would be traveling and be very rich.”

“Blog about it,” the Mentalist urges me.

“My peace of mind if my family would stop rejecting me… my peace of mind if I actually had associates,” I say out loud as I feel the feelings and notice all my internal blocks. “Blog about it on the new blog… so no longer on single mum…”

“Yes on the new blog,” the Mentalist specifies.

“What about single mum blog then?” I ask again as I am having a hard time giving this one up.

“Blog in the form of a question,” the Mentalist pushes me. “Ask a question I will answer it. People must identify with your questions and my answers to respond. Once they respond you offer help to solve their issues. Get it?”

“Got it !” I cheer but I am afraid I haven’t quite grappled with the deeper meaning yet.

“Blog there too,” the Mentalist reassures me that I don’t have to give up the blog that I love so much.

“Will first create the platform,” I decide, because I need to have the blog set up before I can actually start writing. “Okay, great stuff going on.”

“Try to increase your readership,” the Mentalist advises. “Blog on Instagram too.”

“How can you blog on Instagram?” I am baffled because I thought Instagram was for pictures only.

“Last topic,” the Mentalist goes on as he is on a roll now. “It is hard finding your soul mate. What if you just need to make a small change and attract him or her to you?”

“That will be my first question to Mordecai?” I ask amazed. “Super. So what does Mordecai answer?”

“To find your soul mate takes a bit of time. The mistake we make is trying to turn someone into your soul mate. There are different changes to make depending on each persons habits, underlying or inherited beliefs and expectations. So if you are looking to meet your soul mate you first need to be a soul mate. This means you need to be prepared to make a change that will increase your value to someone else. You must decide you are worthy of a soul mate. There are steps to take that will help do this. Ok so you must become a problem free person. I don’t mean you should not have problems, you should but you should be solution driven. There is much more to know about this and do. It is not difficult, it just takes practice. Everyone is special in their own right and deserves to be happy. It’s a right not a privilege. Trouble we tend to settle for mediocrity. So you met him on a dating site. Chatted for a while on email. Decided to meet him. Went on a few dates. You spent time together and it just felt right. He told you it’s like he has known you a long time. He said you are so beautiful. He was so attentive and nice to you. You let your guard down and slept with him and you haven’t heard anything since. He got what he wanted, the dirty little man. So what happened? What made him disappear? Can you regain his attention? Yes you can if you do the right things. Contact Fiona and arrange a session with Mordecai.”

“This is super!” I cheer amazed at what he can come up with just like that. “I will set up the blog and the marketing this week. Aim to launch for Thursday. Okay?”

When we choose quality time for ourselves, the thought is that we are being selfish. That is never the case. When we choose quality time to get our questions answered and sorted, we are actually taking everyone around us higher. If I had not chosen to create a platform for Mordecai the Mentalist, I would never have been on the right path at the right time to talk to my old class mate Dani and help him navigate an important transition.

Darlings, how can you choose quality time today? Do it. And then track how that choice changes the world around you.





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