Look after yourself

“Good morning,” I start out disgruntled that day. “How are you? I am having a poopie day. Can’t get up early cause too tired so no yoga. Miss going to hockey. Haven’t been jogging this week. No studying. Pressure and lots of work at BNP. Other clients being difficult.”

“It’s called a relapse into old habits,” the Mentalist grumbles at me.

“And I need 28k for the purchase of the new house,” I tell him all of my worries. “Yes indeed a relapse. So bad.”

“Yes,” the Mentalist agrees.

“I will have to take out another loan,” I conclude. I hate being in debt. “This is all too bad. I don’t know where to begin. Any ideas how to get back on track? Oh oh here comes another panic attack.”

“Drink some tea,” the Mentalist gives me his solution to solve most problems. A nice cuppa tea. “Yes. Go back to the beginning again. Think of how to solve the problem. Get a good night’s sleep. Today is just today and will pass. Get up early tomorrow. Force yourself.”

“Yes I will,” I say without even convincing myself.

“This is what will happen to everyone who comes for advice,” the Mentalist informs me that relapses are normal and to be expected. “That is why it takes 12 hours to change your life.

“I am dead worried,” I go on telling him how desperate I am to find solutions fast.

“About what?” the Mentalist asks. And I can’t believe it, I just told him I am going to be in so much more debt than I already am.

“Getting an extra loan and this house still not being sold,” I spell it out to him very loud and very slowly. “I am going to make that Facebook page today for the house.”

You keep working on the problem and God will help. Fact,” the Mentalist tells me very sure of himself. “Get us clients. That will help pay for small things.”

“I will work on that too,” I tell him as I forward him the link to our new website. “What do you think about colour and layout? What do you think about homepage and contact page? Now need some posts to add and then we can boost. Do you like it?”

“It looks great,” the Mentalist answers after a short pause. “Well done.”

“Thanks,” I beam with a little bit of pride showing. “But we’re not done.”

“No I know,” the Mentalist replies coolly.

“I think it needs content now before I can market it,” I tell him looking over my work now with a critical look. “But you like the overall look and feel? Great.”

“Yes,” the Mentalist encourages me. “Can you add change you bad luck into good luck. In 12 hours.”

“To the homepage?” I ask him for good measure.

“Yes,” the Mentalist retorts as if that was obvious.

“Done,” I type it up quickly and hit publish in WordPress.

“Have you put your clock back yet?” the Mentalist suddenly asks out of the blue.

“No when is it, this weekend?” I ask him. And I wonder if that were some covert speech to get me back on track to wake up early, do yoga, study some and just have a fantastic day…

If you think more deeply about what your life is missing, you might find answers that are not simply useful, but that can transform your life for the better.

Every problem you solve has been designed to meet a genuine emotional need. Talking to the Mentalist can help you celebrate life’s small pleasures; he can help you be kinder; and remind you of oft-forgotten truths. The Mentalist can teach you, console you, and help you to find the answers to life’s big questions.




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