There’s no such thing as a free read

“What email can I send you little blogs?” the Mentalist starts out excited that day. “How are you?”

“Hi there,” I cheer back at him. “I am good. Got up early, did yoga and studied a little. Feels good. What about sending them to my BNP address?”

“Ok. Send it to me again,” the Mentalist replies cautious. “Of course you know it goes onto their server.”

“Ok give the IT guys a field day,” I reply thinking back to a security email we had recently received on the subject of appropriate usage of our tools. “Will take a look. But first coffee and yoghurt.”

“Ok. Take your time,” the Mentalist nods on. “I still need to write some stuff.”

“So send to you first before publishing?” I ask him to make sure. At the same time I am checking my morning emails in the office and getting myself ready to head off down to the barista for a delicious latte macchiato. “Ah… I haven’t received your docs. Maybe send it to my hotmail instead?”

“Publish what you want to, just don’t misrepresent me please,” the Mentalist barks back at me grumpy for no apparent reason. Must be old age catching up on him.

“Ok I will double check with you always,” I reply smoothing him over. “And I am reactive to change anything in a very short time. Don’t worry. I haven’t received your docs.”

“Which docs?” the Mentalist asks me and he has me puzzled. “I still have write stuff.”

“If you can’t do BNP address, you might try,” I inform him. “Oh I thought you had already sent them.”

“Ok cool,” the Mentalist replies with a sudden change of mood. “Thanks. This week end I will send you stuff.”

“Super. I have the week off next week,” I tell him changing the subject. “So excited. Not going anywhere cause no money but still nice to be home with kids.”

“Work work work,” the Mentalist reminds me.

“What do you mean?” I ask him because I really intend to spend quality time with my littles.

“Stories to post on Instagram etc,” the Mentalist barks again.

“Oh yes I will have loads of time and energy to devote to our project,” I assure him and I can already picture myself curled up in my sofa, totally relaxed as I read his exciting stuff and post them on our blog.

“Very good as I will be writing a lot,” the Mentalist agrees.

“Yeay,” I cheer at the thought of being busy with non-office stuff. “Now this is starting to sound like cosy autumn evenings sitting in the sofa with a cup of tea and writing blog posts. Fantastic.”

“Yes it does,” the Mentalist is happy to know he will be part of my quality time too.

Stupid immo guy just called,” I tell him disgruntled. “He wants me to lower the price again. I said no. I told him to use my pictures and my description. Idiot.”

“Quite right,” the Mentalist acquiesces. He is so often so very right about stuff. Sometimes I even find that annoying.

As it starts to get chilly outside, sometimes the best recipe to warm your winter shivers is to fire up the stove and get the cauldron bubbling. But if you’re clueless in the kitchen of life itself, get a grip on the fundamental ingredients that’ll spice up any life and have everyone’s mouth watering. Plus: boost your immune system and your brain with the wondrous healing properties of good fun loving and quality family time. Just make sure not to go overdo it …




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