My new book of magic spells

“Good morning,” I smile as I answer my phone that morning. “I am at the Efteling with the kids. It is magical. And see, I got a reaction on my ad, with my pictures and my description on Facebook. Just a local woman inquiring about the price. How are you? Had a nice weekend?”

“I sent you a blog,” the Mentalist tells me quickly. “Enjoy your break.”

“I didn’t receive it,” I tell him quickly scanning my inbox on my mobile phone. “Hotmail or BNP?”

“Hotmail,” the Mentalist retorts. He is often so spare with his words.

“Nope nothing,” I answer double checking my inbox.

“I will resend them later,” the Mentalist tells me in a hurry still.

“Okay,” I reply reluctantly. I had been looking forward to reading his blogs. Now was not a good time anyway as I am totally devoted to my family time with my little in the magical kingdom of the Efteling.

Later that evening the Mentalist calls me back. I had just driven all the way home from the Efteling to my old house. Happy for our short break to the Netherlands. Kids worn out but their souls alight with wonder and happy memories.

“Sent blogs to your Gmail account,” the Mentalist tells me after I heard some harsh tapping in the background. “Don’t know why Hotmail is not working.”

“Why darling?” I want to know after I picked up the email which arrived with a ping on my phone. He had addressed me as “darling” in his email, which I find odd. We never use such endearments with each other.

“To see if you are paying attention,” the Mentalist replies gruffly. “Copy the blogs to a file and delete the email.”

“It will be for tomorrow,” I tell him sweetly. “I am dead tired right now. Just got back home sweet house.”

“Take your time,” the Mentalist reassures me.

“Okay I have just read through them,” I tell him after a five minute silence with the occasional “oh” and “aha” on my behalf. “They will need some re-working. Strange though, did you write that?”

Spending quality time with my little darlings, and reading the wisdom of the Mentalist reminds me to remain open to learning and discovery. I am always amazed when looking at myself in the mirror each morning. I catch myself off guard for a moment asking myself who is looking back at me in the mirror? The lesson I learned today is to become a mystery to myself, and reconnect with a sense of childlike wonder.






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