Happiness… For you? Really?

“Yes,” the Mentalist answers my question after a small pause. “Why strange?”

“It doesn’t sound like you,” I tell him reading over the little blog posts a second time. “Nevermind though. Can’t wait to get working on it. Tonight I will start on Happiness. By the way Dani thanked me again for the contact.”

“He will be fine,” the Mentalist reassures me. “It is me just writing in a way to get interest. No solutions for free ok?”

“No okay,” I agree. “You mean we don’t give these lessons away for free? How much should I re-work the blog posts? Do you want them to stay high level like that or shall I deepen them?”

“Do as you think best,” the Mentalist concedes a little. “Just don’t give solutions.”

“Okay. Will send it back to you first anyway,” I tell him as I start designing the layout of the new blog. “Funny man you are, as if I know the solution.”

I am happy as I set to work on the blog post. Adding what I think I know and rewording where I think it necessary. Finally I am happy with the result and send it back to the Mentalist.

“Sent you back the Happiness,” I tell him cheerily over the phone.

“Marvellous,” the Mentalist beams.

“Is it okay to publish?” I want to know as I am very eager to get this out into the world. “I didn’t really change much.”

“You did great,” the Mentalist answers after a short pause which makes me wonder how fast he can actually scan a document. “Yes publish and let’s hope we get paying customers.”

“Which countries shall I target?” I ask him. And this annoys me. I seem to ask confirmation for everything. “US and or UK?”

I have not yet found a definition of what happiness is. Is it an emotion? A state of mind? A feeling that you leave behind? Something you can control? Something that just happens? A natural state of being? Something you can attain?

As a naturally sad type of person, I have spent much time getting my mind reprogrammed to accept happiness. And it turns out that programming yourself for happiness is not as simple as you might think.

Through our conversations, the Mentalist is helping me to understand more about what happiness is and how to make it more real in my life. Unfortunately not every piece of
information can transform every person’s life. But the solution you do get today is the answer to how to have more of the kind of happiness you want.

A hint: it begins with a plan…

Til tomorrow,



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