Is life calling you?

“Great,” the Mentalist encourages me to post our blog on Living with Yourself on our new blog platform.

“Will post it later on,” I tell him I have more important things to do right now during my quality time off with my littles. “Still no new date for drinks with ‘her’. Does this mean she is scared and avoiding me? Does this mean somebody else told her to talk to me? And she really doesn’t want to…”

“Maybe it means you are not a priority at the moment,” the Mentalist clarifies the situation for me. “She might think you are ok and don’t need to be pestered by her for now. Then again what would someone else want her to talk to you about?”

“That’s so true,” I agree at once. Whatever it is she wants to talk to me about, it is not high up on her agenda, else she would be pushing for the date instead of continuously cancelling it. “I can live with this explanation. Okay if not someone else urging her to talk to me, why then does she want to ‘talk’? You know, the word ‘talk’ with her has a very negative connotation. I mean as far back as I remember ‘talking’ was not something pleasant. It always entailed careful thought and strategy in her behalf and nasties directed at somebody. So really, I am happy I am not on the talking priority list. Really.”

“Don’t worry about it,” the Mentalist puts my mind at ease. “No reaction is far better than a bad reaction.”

“True too,” I agree again. “Phew feeling very relieved now.”

“Good,” the Mentalist settles the matter there and then. “Let’s cross the bridge when we come to it.”

“Yes okay,” I am happy that this is resolved for now.

“What exciting things are happening in your world?” the Mentalist wants to know.

“I am supposed to be talking to Dani by WhatsApp sometime soon but not sure about the time difference,” I tell him still fiddling about with an online time converter I found. “We are eating cake daily for Lilly’s birthday.”

“What is your time now?” the Mentalist asks me.

“My aunt and cousin are coming this afternoon,” I go on thinking of the brand new cakes in the fridge and the leftover cake pops, and all other goodies in my pantry. “It is 10:22 in the morning. And I will be doing some reading and school stuff with the kids. Posting our new blog post. And a bit of client work plus invoicing.”

“You are 7 hours behind Daniel,” the Mentalist answers very sure of himself.

“That’s my adventure for today,” I am happy with my plans for today. Sounds cosy and fantastic quality time with the children. “Pretty excited about talking to Dani.”

“What about?” the Mentalist wants to know. Gosh he can be so nosy at times.

“We have never really spoken,” I admit one of the reasons I am happy to finally meet via WhatsApp. “And I asked him what is so hard about life in Bali. And he said it’s a long story and he would rather explain by Skype or WhatsApp. So yeah.”

“Good,” the Mentalist acquiesces. “He needs that. He is a nice guy.”

“Really?” I question him in excitement, happy to be doing somethings right. “In any case I am excited about it. Who else can say they have a contact for over two years with somebody from Lanzarote, who is a skilled photographer and has moved to Bali. I think that is a huge adventure to tell.”

“Yes it is,” the Mentalist agrees riveting on my stories.

“He is a nice guy,” I emphasize. “He has always been so friendly. Not like most people who never have time or only think of their own gain. And he doesn’t seem to be a weirdo either. Just a very nice normal guy.”

“He should do travel photography and try and sell his work,” the Mentalist throws in.

“Why did I say 2 years?” I suddenly catch myself off guard. “I have been in contact with Dani for 10 years. I remember very vividly because I had just given birth to Lilly. He should. His work is really good. He has a lot of talent.”

“You should collaborate,” the Mentalist probes me for a reaction. “You write the article in Dutch and he sends photos which you submit to Grande.”

“Grande?” I ask surprised as I take in this new suggestion.

“Travel magazine in Brussels,” the Mentalist precises.

“Hoho now that’s an idea,” I chuckle. “But I want to continue the other blogs too. Ooooh wow.”

“Yes indeed,” the Mentalist confirms my burst of enthusiasm.

“I don’t write as well in Dutch,” I sulk thinking back to past experiences of published articles. Each time I have written a blog post about my expertise in Digital Analytics, my article has been extensively reworked by a skilled copywriter. “English is my preferred language for writing.”

“Not a lot of competition in Dutch,” the Mentalist points out and he is so right. There are tons of travel writers posting in English. But skilled photographers posting in Dutch, not so many, I admit.

“Maybe my English isn’t that good either,” I go on criticizing myself. “I don’t really know. I make a lot of grammar mistakes in Dutch. Not obvious mistakes. But linguists will just be able to pick them out like that.”

“They are fixable I am sure,” the Mentalist reassures me that my level of writing is definitely up to scratch.

“A real journalist writes impeccable Dutch,” I point out thinking of at least one travel journalist who I know personally. Her writing skills are beyond reproach.

“Nonsense,” the Mentalist isn’t having any of my excuses.

“Maybe they are,” I go on thinking I can’t really be such a bad writer as I am painting myself to be. “I should give it a try at least.”

“Use easy language,” the Mentalist eggs me on.

“Well the ones I know do,” I go on still thinking of how those copywriters reworked my articles until they became understandable for anybody who has never even heard of Digital Analytics. “Dutch is a cack language. Honestly. There are so many nuances from French or English which just don’t have a translation in Dutch.”

“I know a photographer who makes a living doing city trips and other things like trekking holidays and the travel mags buy it,” the Mentalist encourages me some more keeping the prize clearly before my eyes.

“Okay so the travel mag is Grande,” I nod heading back over to said website. “From what I understand you have to pitch a story first.”

“Yes they have Dutch and French versions,” the Mentalist tells me firmly. “Yes you get Dani to take interesting photos of Bali. You also talk techniques and try it out with your camera.”

“Interesting,” I think out loud with my mind wandering to my camera packed away safely in my secret chest in my bedroom. “Yes I should.”

“Submit Daniel’s work to start with,” the Mentalist lays out the plan for me.

“In any case a very interesting subject to talk about,” I enthusiasm and get more and more excited about talking to Dani. “It is a great idea.”

“Put happy Fiona and kids on our blog too,” the Mentalist suddenly changes back the subject to our blog.

“But isn’t Dani talking about the negatives, like the horrible life in Bali?” I suddenly wonder whether these kind of pictures and stories will find an audience especially among a travel magazine. “On the blog of Mordecai?”

“Yes but I will change that in the next few weeks,” the Mentalist replies very sure footed. “I am going to suggest he practices on you by being positive as you have tons of patience and are a softy.” Then he pauses a moment and jumps straight back to the other subject: “Yes on Mordecai’s blog.”

“Like what, make a post about me and the kids, we are happy and thriving and climbing the ladder of success?” I ask making sure I have the right baseline here. “Okay true, I am still a marshmallow. And proud of it too.”

“Yes. Whatever,” the Mentalist retorts and I can feel one of his grumpy impatient fits coming on. “Eating birthday cake. Mordecai changed or is changing your life too. Fake it if you need to. You are also a very good friend when you want to be.”

“Not much faking there but great idea, will do,” I nod to myself as I take note of this in my little diary I keep by my computer. “I can yes. Haha.”

“So remember you are wonderful too and mother nasty woman can’t break through any more,” the Mentalist reminds me for good measure, wrapping up today’s call.

“No she can’t,” I say out loud more for my own benefit. “I am doing great, my kids are doing great and life is wonderful. Thank you.”

“I will be speaking to Dani at 12.30 your time for one and a half hours,” the Mentalist informs me not to be expecting a call from Dani too soon. “You have a wonderful day with the family. Give them my love.”

“Will do,” I smile as I bid him goodbye. And right at that moment, I guess my life was great. I had no idea yet of what was to come…

As you journey deeper into my world, you understand that what we perceive as reality is a mirror of our unconscious programs and beliefs. These are stored in what scientists call neural networks in the brain, and what I have heard light workers define as the Luminous Energy Field. I have always known, or rather felt, that a person’s energy field is the software that informs their entire life.

As we venture deeper down this road together, be strong and hold on tightly…

Warmest regards,



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