The power of wishing

“Morning,” I cheer so excited it feels like I am going to burst. “Buying our house today. Get the keys and all. Yeay!”

“I hope it all turns out ok,” the Mentalist answers in an attempt to calm my nerves a little. “Very exciting to buy a house.”

“‘She’ sent me a message late last night if we can still meet up on the 19th after all,” I reply as a sad thought is a great way to bring anyone’s spirits down. “Guess I am still on her pestering list. I will just reply “yes sure”. Might as well get this over and done with. Why wouldn’t it turn out okay?”

“Yes indeed,” the Mentalist reassures me on both subjects. “It will.”

“You mean cause the old house isn’t sold yet?” I ask him trying to get to the bottom of the foreboding warning. “It will sell. I can feel it. What else shall I put on the Facebook page?”

“Yes it will,” the Mentalist concedes that indeed my old house will sell in time.

“How much things measure?” I enquire about what additional things to post on my house selling Facebook page.

“No,” the Mentalist replies decidedly.

“A video tour of the house?” I offer instead.

“Yes good idea,” the Mentalist concedes. And talking of videos always reminds me of  the whispering videos we once talked about.

“Can I do it in bits, the video?” I ask again.

“Cupboard space and comfortable living,” the Mentalist points out which aspects I should put forward.

“Like from the front of the house till the entry?” I go on planning out how to shoot this.

“Yes why not go room by room?” the Mentalist suggests a better option.

“And then different videos about the different spaces,” I reword his suggestion. “Yes great idea.”

“The outside too if you get a sunny day,” the Mentalist adds on the important condition to making attractive pictures.

“Shall I get the au-pair to film me?” I want to know the details of my ideal shoot. “Or is it best no people in the video?”

“No people,” the Mentalist answers wisely.

“Can I just use my iPhone?” I need to know how tech savvy I have to become now. “Would be easiest.”

“Yes,” the Mentalist brushes off these details rather gruffly. “What happened to your 360 degree little camera?”

“I can use that too, but those are static pictures,” I think back to my treasure chest with beautiful camera equipment and all other gadgets I own. “Will do both.”

“Has the value increased since you bought it at bank value?” the Mentalist pushes me for more details. “Not by your value.”

“Well there is a new heating system for the house and new heater for the swimming pool so I would think so,” I reply as I make the mental sum of what both new heating installations have cost me.

“You must say the house just needs cosmetic changes to make it into your own personal home,” the Mentalist advises me. “Bring your furniture and put in its special place and start living and enjoying the house from the first hour you move in. No that doesn’t count much. The bank values the house if it burns down. Has that gone up? If you don’t know ask the bank.”

“We bought it at 495k, and it has now been valued at 520k,” I point out. Talking about the price of my house always gets me very defensive.

“Your insurance will also give you an indication,” the Mentalist tells me how I can get a good idea myself of the house’s actual worth. “How long have you had it?”

“4 years,” I reply thinking back to all the amazing things that have happened since we bought the house. We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs. And no matter how bad the dark moments were, those allowed me to appreciate even more when things were good.

“Ok. No real increase in value,” the Mentalist concludes. “I suppose Tremelo won’t let you subdivide the land? Can the house be remodelled into apartments? Or does Tremelo limit the amount of kitchens to size of land/ plot?”

“Not sure. But that’s a funny thought,” I suddenly remark. “I remember after seeing Nisha’s little studio that I thought about how many of those little apartments I could make out of my house.”

“Well the loft can be made into a small flat,” the Mentalist starts out dividing my home into sub units.

“The garage too,” I point out. “I know… And the main living area with bathroom”

“Say so in you ad,” the Mentalist urges me.

“And then the other wing with its own bathroom,” I go on daydreaming.

“You might attract investors,” the Mentalist brings up an idea which I buried some time ago. That my house wouldn’t really be an investor’s dream. And now suddenly it could be again.

“Haha yes it is really possible,” I laugh as I love to think of new possibilities.

“Sell possibilities. Sell the sizzle. Sell ideas,” the deep rooted marketeer in the Mentalist pipes up. “Not the house itself.”

“Which language for the video?” I think of concrete details again.

“Dutch I think,” the Mentalist points out that Dutch speaking people are really my target audience.

“Yes the most boring language,” I sigh deeply. “Okay I know what to do.”

“Good girl,” the Mentalist encourages me.

“Haha,” I laugh as I gently rub my temples. “Got a splitting headache today.”

“Take something,” the Mentalist answers gently. “Vit B 6 and 12 are good for period pain and headaches.”

“Am taking vitamins daily,” I note rather dully. “Maybe I am coming down with a virus. Tis the season after all.”

They say there is wisdom in not getting what you want. What is truly yours will be waiting for you. Having patience and continuously working on a project, viewing it from different perspectives and trying out new options is both challenging and rewarding.

Looking back now, I wonder if I should have heeded more attention to the forewarnings I was receiving. Could anything have prepared me for the darkness which would surround me in only a few weeks from the present day? Treasure every happy moment in your life. For it is these memories which will cast you light if every you have to face the most difficult of times.

In light & love,



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