Am I just lucky?

“Good morning,” I cheer again the next day still as excited as the day before. “We signed. The house is ours. We now own 2 houses and are in debt of 1 million euro. Went to see the house last night as we finally have the keys. Do you believe in signs?”

“Yes I do,” the Mentalist immediately picks up on the interesting part of the conversation. “What sign did you get? Rent out your house in Tremelo. Get someone else to pay your mortgage and property tax. Keep it another 8 years and then sell. Don’t be afraid to bite off a big piece of the cake. Just chew like hell and swallow.”

“Went to see the house last night and the people who lived there before had left just a few decorations,” I tell him eager to get his opinion. “One was a sand drawing with a lizard from Lanzarote. Do you see the sign? Okay will get cracking on renting it out. Bite of a big piece of cake from what?”

“Life,” the Mentalist answers plain and simple.

“Thought I was on a diet. Haha,” I laugh out loud. “What do you think of the sign, honestly?”

“I have a session now for an hour and a half,” the Mentalist brushes me off. “See you after that.”

It’s a fair question. Is there such a thing as “luck?” What is it if it exists? Can someone actually harness or increase luck?

I have been told that to be successful you need to stick to the subject you are good at. You have to stop being “lazy” and actually believe that you deserve to be rich. You have to really want it. Then you have to get out there. Make sure that you meet the right people. In short, just show up. Once you have met those people, you must make sure you nurture those relationships. Add some meaning to the connections which could help you further along the path of success. The people who will be able to help you the most are those who are operating in a similar field to yours. Which is what makes them most valuable to you. And finally, I know this one can be hard, but there is no such thing as failure. Whenever you fail at something, this is the push in the back you needed to move onto your next project. It is just a state of mind. See failure more as opportunity.

Luck, chance, talent, skill, intelligence, good looks, resilience. There’s all kinds of factors that go into your life and whether you will succeed because of the way you use all of these factors.

Time to get lucky.



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