Do you know where you are headed in 2019?

“Hello hello,” I smile that morning down the phone. “Sent you a text for our website. What do you think? Obviously I haven’t coached over 500 women but you have.”

“Hi,” the Mentalist answers distracted. I can hear he is doing multiple tasks at once and I suspect he is reading over what I wrote. “I think it’s great. Reread for mistakes. Saw two small ones. Bring the number down a little. 500 at one session each is a lot.”

“500 sessions…,” I wonder out loud how else to create an aura of authority. “How many then?”

“Well. If you do three hours at 7 days a week will take you around four years,” the Mentalist does the math for me and numbers always get me going. “This will make you a master coach.”

“Ah okay, I will just put ‘many’ instead,” I decide as the numbers add up and make perfect sense. “Or I will leave out that phrase”

“You don’t need Mordi at all,” the Mentalist starts out on another attempt to ditch me and leave me to my own devices. “If you change it or bring it down to a manageable time frame or change it to you help me coach many. That could also work.”

“Yes yes yes that is much better,” I say as I start making small changes to my text. “I help you coach. Super. And true. A little.”

“Keep in mind the objective,” the Mentalist reprimands me. “You help me coach and tap into a recluse who has been a mental scientist and life coach for many years. Your success is what you use to help others as you know first hand what it’s like.”

“Yes that’s it!!!!” I exclaim at the excitement of having discovered some truth here. “You are genius.”

“We have been working together for 7 years,” the Mentalist continues wisely.

“We have,” I confirm nodding my head. “Oh my, that’s long. Wow I have made progress too.”

“Yes you have,” the Mentalist gives me some credit for all effort I have invested. “Are you now officially married?”

“Noooo,” I let out in a long blow. “I am procrastinating, much to Wim’s frustration. I need to get my birth certificate officially translated. Then we can set a new date. Somewhere in 2019.”

“I see,” the Mentalist takes note to continue prodding me on this subject. “Ok. Good.”

“Focus on the move first,” I tell him my list of priorities. No multi-tasking for this lady. “And then selling or renting out the house.”

“Yes,” the Mentalist approves my plan. “Step by step.”

“Yes I like it that way,” I smile again meekly.

“Your blog is good,” the Mentalist encourages me to action. “Post it.”

“Already did,” I reply cheekily.

Where are you headed for 2019? How will your behaviour change to meet your goals? How can you be more successful?

Learn all of this, and more, on our blog or contact me for a session with the Mentalist. We’ll share our top secrets and predictions, and how you can put them to good use in the coming year and beyond.

There’s still time!



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