Reasons to contact me

“Good morning,” I squeak that morning. “So excited about moving to the new house. Next week Wednesday.”

“Wow and before christian Christmas,” the Mentalist congratulates me for achieving one of my goals.

“Yes before Christmas,” I confirm very happy with myself and rather proud. “I am so on track. I am going to get out my little fish eye camera today and make some pics for the Facebook page. Am also going to put the house up for rent today. Maybe that will be more successful. And then I will really be a millionaire.”

“Yes you will be,” the Mentalist encourages me on my path to success. “Congratulations.”

“Let’s get the other projects on track so that this becomes sustainable and lucrative,” I go on keeping my eyes set on the future.

“Should I write a little e-books to sell in our shop?” the Mentalist suggests softly.

“That sounds good,” I cheer him on but haven’t quite grasped the concept of ‘selling’ said e-book. “Free content is always added value. If you have time, an extra blog post which I can promote again.”

“Ok you will have something tomorrow,” the Mentalist agrees.

“Super, looking forward to reading you,” I am happy to set about my day.

“Ok,” the Mentalist concludes, happy to hear that all is okay in my world. The world as I knew it at that time of course. For soon my concept of what my world exactly is will come crashing down. But not just yet…

Have you been growing your confidence and achieving higher revenue for you and your business during 2018? Or is this what you wish for in 2019?

If you would ask me how I feel about working with the Mentalist, the answer most probably would be that it is unique and different to any other coaching event you have been to. The Mentalist offers you a warm, relaxed and supportive energy, and he is open and authentic.

The Mentalist will help you build relationships and be successful in what you do. In short, we help you in your business and personal journeys.

Reach out to us via email or like us on Facebook.




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