A conversation on Belgian influencers

“Hi Fiona,” the Mentalist greets me the next morning. “Sent you two blogs.”

“Wow I just read them,” I answer finally after looking over my emails. “Breath takingly good!”

“I am pleased you like them,” the Mentalist replies modestly. “Add your bit and post.”

“Posted the Love blog,” I inform him after quickly copy pasting the article and adding my own two cents. “And already got a like!”

“Great,” the Mentalist sounds pleased. “How do we increase readership?”

“By using the right tags and boosting the post,” I answer to my best ability. But in fact I have been wondering the same. How do you get a blog like this off the ground? “In later weeks I will add links from my blog to Mordecai which should also get some interest. I have now boosted it for 4 euro. We’ve got 3 follows and likes already. It’s not a bad start. Any other ideas?”

“No,” the Mentalist answers hesitantly by which I understand he knows a fair deal about almost anything. “I heard Instagram is also a good way to go. I would like to learn how to use social media and get loads of followers. If you follow others, do they follow you back?”

“Okay for Instagram, which pictures should I post?” I look over my own Instagram account and agree this is probably quite a good channel to use to promote our new blog.

“You choose,” the Mentalist leaves the ball in my court again.

“Shouldn’t I take my own pictures?” I ask him doubtfully. “I think I should… Let me think about that. Which blogs would be interesting to follow for them to follow us back? Blogs from lonely single women?”

“Honey use your imagination,” the Mentalist barks at me irritated like hell. Grumpy old man. “I have no idea.”

“Okay,” I sigh as I realize this again is a puzzle for me to solve by myself.

As influencers are a large part of the social media landscape, you are probably curious to hear their opinion on working with intermediaries or on topics such as transparency with their audience, mistakes a brand should avoid while approaching or working with an influencer and so on… My discussions with the Mentalist provide insights into the latest developments in influencer marketing!




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