Nothing but smoke and mirrors

“Thanks for the post,” I am happy to be working along nicely with the Mentalist. “It is scheduled for tomorrow. I posted the Men article this evening. All rather awesome.”

You can find only a handful of truly inspiring people in this world, but curiosity about coaches and therapists is everywhere. And self-help books and even more blogs are infusing our culture — quite literally. Why would you turn to me or the Mentalist when you can clearly observe how successful I am at all areas of my life? Why would you look to me for parenting advice when future posts will point out how miserably I will fail when darkness descends on my family life? And so for now, let me just bask in the spotlight I created for myself and the false sense of wanting to reach out to you all to help you. When in fact pretty soon I will be the one to be totally lost and in need of aid.

As the groundswell of shortening hours of daylight continues, I predict there will be more and more people averting their eyes, only wanting to hear the good news of an impeccably designed life. We all love thoughtful conversation, and easy-to-be-around people in the world. In the meantime, enjoy my favorite company and whet your appetite as I unknowingly step into the most difficult era of my life.

In good faith,



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