Which perfect gift will you get for yourself?

Great,” the Mentalist enthusiasms. “Will write some more. It’s difficult to write like this, strangely enough.”

“Why is it difficult?” I ask him suddenly. I thought he knew every question playing the mind of the average human being. “Your texts are really easy to read yet extremely helpful.”

“Yes thanks,” the Mentalist confirms modestly. “Because I write a book and have to rewrite it to get it onto one page. I will get used to this. Send me some questions to answer please. Inspiration needed.”

“How many dates before you can sleep with a guy?” I ask him as I know this has been a very hot topic amongst many of my girlfriends.

“Good,” the Mentalist concedes and I can hear some scribbling going on in the background. “What else can you think of?”

How to lose weight,” I continue thinking of all the questions I have ever asked him. “How to be healthy. How to look good. How to feel good. How to have a successful relationship. How to make promotion. How to be successful. How to increase your income. How to network. How to make friends. How to deal with difficult relatives/ family. How to get rid of excess baggage. How to handle stress. How to use visualisation to your advantage.”

“Some nice topics here,” the Mentalist acquiesces as he listens to all the topics we have covered over the past 12 months.

“How to use positive affirmations,” I am on a roll now and don’t want to stop. “How to help your kids with bullying/ self image/ eating problems/ making friends.”

“Ok. Thanks,” the Mentalist seems to be taking note quickly. “That will do for a while.”

“Oh can I just add how to use the attraction principle?” I am hasty to make sure he covers this subject. “Haha could go on and on.”

“Keep going,” the Mentalist answers much in contradiction to what he just said previously. “The attraction thing will come as a thirty five part series.”

“Wooow I am staying tuned then,” I laugh out loud for this is one idea which has spiked my interest for the past few months.

A beep on my phone catches my attention. As I scan the message I feel my heart sink, but then try to remain positive. After all, the problem isn’t mine.

“Poops, my friend Harald has lost his job,” I sigh as I try to distance myself from the unfortunate feelings such news entails.

“Who is Harold?” the Mentalist wants to know. “Was he any good? I hope he recovers quickly.”

“Me too,” I agree as I think fondly of my friend who has had his own fair share of misery in life. Some to his own doing. The rest as a karmic consequence from there on. “I mentioned to my friend Buidi that we would rent out the house. She works in expat relocation and could offer the house to clients. How much should I put it up for? 2.000 excl VAT?”

“Yes,” the Mentalist is quick to agree. “Good idea.”

“The mortgage is 2.500 plus 300 interest,” I point out that although this seems like a good plan, it still involves a negative cash flow.

“Greed is not a workable solution,” the Mentalist warns me to remain realistic.

“Mortgage over 15 years of which 4 are paid now,” I offer more details to the plan. “You think 2.000 is too much?”

“Increase the mortgage to 30 years,” the Mentalist advises in an attempt to bring down costs and turn the plan into a positive one. “I don’t know what the market value is. I paid 1.200 for a four bedroom house in Keerbergen.”

“It’s a company loan,” I argue to his suggestion to increase the period of the mortgage loan. “They don’t go longer than 15 years. 1.800 then. This has 5 rooms and a pool. 2 bathrooms and an outside shower too.”

“You will need to find an executive director,” the Mentalist now taps into the execution of this new plan.

“Yes,” I nod vehemently. “One for whom the company pays all expenses.”

“Yes ask 2.000 and if no response drop to 1.800,” the Mentalist concludes.

“Including gardner and pool service,” I point out the expenses I would expect a company to cover for expat employees. This addition should make clear to the Mentalist that these services are not initially included in the rental price, but I soon realize I haven’t been explicitly clear on that point. “Okay, will start at 2.000 then.”

“An expert senior manager would be perfect,” the Mentalist murmurs. “Expat.”

“I mean his company also covers the maintenance bills,” I set the record straight before we have any other misunderstandings. “That would be perfect in any case.”

“Yes they cover everything,” the Mentalist confirms that C-executive expats are well taken care of.

“Will give it my best shot?” I answer but doubt floods my voice. “If it works I will have multiple properties and on my way to being rich  and successful.”

“Good luck,” the Mentalist eagerly wishes me all the best. “Contact other companies that do expat settlements. I know Huntsman Chemicals import executives. So does FedEx and Swift and Euroclear to name a few. There are a lots of settlement firms in Brussels. All the International School kids are expat families. Advertise in the expat magazines and websites. Expat.com, angloinfo.com and Brusselsexpat.be, I think. Post our blogs in groups on Linkedin.”

“Lots of stuff to do,” I am happy to find there are still so many opportunities open to me. “So exciting.”

The potential of strong, healthy and flowing energy is great. Flowing energy is healing, powerful and transforming.

The focus of my gift to myself this year is to open myself more for my own abundance flow. A healing energy that expands my consciousness and connects me with my highest potential. Originally, every person is a vessel full of flowing life energy. Past experiences can hinder your natural flow. A harness arises around your heart that you have unconsciously attracted. By opening yourself to cosmic energy you transform and blockages are cleared away by themselves.

In Abundance Energy the focus is on yourself. The connection with your body is strengthened so that you can feel and indicate your limits more easily. You may enjoy your own power and purpose more. You open up more for your natural prosperity energy. Your consciousness is invited to open up further. You experience more connection between your physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual body.




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