Your dreams hold an unstoppable force

“Thank you so much for talking to Nelmarie last night,” I thank my doctor friend whole heartedly the next day. “I caught her crying in the kitchen afterwards and so I told her to go now take a shower and go for a drink. It was past eleven that she got back home. I was already in bed. She seemed happier this morning and also last night before going out. I asked her how it had been and she said it was nice, she had talked to some people. So I asked her if she would be going out again tonight and she said yes probably. So anyway thank you, and hopefully she continues going out and will start feeling better.”

“I hope so too,” the Mentalist agrees softly. “I am sure she will be fine.”

“Yes I think so too,” I agree optimistically. Happy that my hermit friend managed to work some of his magic on my au-pair. “She just needs a little push in the back.”

Integrity is an important life lesson. Mastery of integrity is key to heal and eliminate emotional suffering.

The Practice of Integrity calls for being true to your word and recognizing its power to create reality.

Many of us struggle with being true to our word. We tell ourselves things like, “I don’t have time,” or “I’ll do this when my children are older.” These become excuses that push our dreams away.

Your dreams can be an unstoppable force that organizes the world the way you instruct it to. When you practice being true to your word, you stop making excuses for yourself ─ what you say affirms to the universe that you can be counted on. You build up reserves of personal power as you say “yes” to what is true and integral to your personal journey.

Many of us lead busy lives and we could put off what we feel is a calling to heal ourselves, heal others and create beauty in the world.

You can speak to Mordecai the Mentalist and hear his personal stories of why he chose to live as a recluse and how it has changed his life and the lives of those close to him in miraculous ways. I urge you to contact Mordecai the Mentalist who will be happy to connect with you and answer any questions you may have.

Remember: there are no better teachers or guides than those who have already chosen it and walked it before you.

Warmest Regards,



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