The nightmare before Christmas


My blog is evolving and growing every day and I could not be able to do this without you. 2019 is going to bring even more exciting changes and events. I invite you to celebrate with me the starting of this New Year by liking the articles you liked most and also to celebrate how far we have come on this journey together.

With January being so cold and dark in Europe, lighting a few candles in your living room will be very inviting with its warm rays.

Before I continue sharing with you my stories, I would like to reflect with you on certain posts from the past 12 months.

Why now? For several reasons. You will find that the events which start to unfold in my life from this point onwards are so intense, dark and painful that you will understand I cannot enter sharing this with you without a preliminary notice.

Second of all, I would like to take this moment to reflect on all the events and indications we might have missed over the past 12 months, leading up to this unraveling.

– Do you remember my dream of the angels talking to me? Various symbolisms from this dream will start to unfold in the posts that are to come from here on.

– On January 2nd 2018 – exactly 12 months ago from today – I was praying for the health and the life of my true love, Wim, as he was being operated on for intestinal cancer.

– On the same date last year, I talked to the Butterfly Lady from New Zealand. It was a call out of the blue and quite inspirational, though I was too caught up in my own anxieties to take note at that time.

– Do you remember the episode where my eldest son Winston had been severely bullied at school and mentioned suicide? As I was setting out to make things right again in his world, talking to his school, his hockey club, his friends’ parents and his therapist, I forgot one important question to ask: where did his inappropriate behaviour come from?

– Do you remember the episode where my kids were stressed about going to their father?

– Do you remember the episode where I suspected my ex to be gay?

Now each of these are meaningless when looked at individually. But put them all next to one another, and add to that the story which is soon to unfold. You may start to be of another opinion.

Would you like to share your reflections of 2018 and your goals and dreams for 2019 on my Facebook page? Send me an email at and I will publish you there.





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