About me & kiddos

We love to travel. What more can I say ?

Last year, I hit 40 and terms like mid-life crisis were staring me in the face. Yet I didn’t feel really fazed by my age. Or the fact that I had just had my 3rd child. I love traveling. I love spending time with my kids. And I find great benefits in doing yoga on a regular basis.

A year of soul searching later, I have discovered my why and this is what I want to share with you, dear readers. What I desire most in life is (financial) freedom. Enjoying this freedom would mean enough time and plenty of money for me to do the things I enjoy doing, and traveling the world with my 3 amazing children, whilst relaxing in the knowledge that money flows to me freely and effortlessly. Why do I want this ? Because I want to be an inspirational role model for other single mothers out there, or single dads, or anybody who can relate to the stories I have found the courage to share with you. Because I want to be the best mommy example I possibly can for my children. Because this will allow me to live my happiest life possible. And in doing so, I hope to illuminate the journey for you too. See how you would deal with the obstacles and challenges we all face at one time or another in this wonderful journey called ‘life’.

The world is a beautiful place. An adventure worth embarking on. I want to pass on this enthusiasm to my children. Discover new things together. Let our spirits soar and our souls expand. Enjoy this moment, for this moment is your life.

My little darlings often ask me, where are we going next ? Always planning the next adventure…

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