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The ugly C-word

The ugly C-word, a most controversial topic.

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“Darling, I’m having one of my tangled, paranoid and not-so-great ideas again.” Dorothy blurts out while we’re having an evening in for some quality girl time. “Well that’s already a good start, that you realise your idea might not be the best one to act upon.” I look at her approvingly. “What are you getting your knickers in a twist about?” “The baby’s father.” Dorothy admits. “I’m still very angry that he ran away from his responsibilities. I want to call him out on his bad behaviour.” “Oh no you don’t.” I look at her in alarm. “What on earth are you thinking of?” “Well you see, several elements have come together.” Dorothy starts to explain. “No, you mean that […]

receiving an email from beyond the grave
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An email from beyond the grave

Dorothy and I are casually walking around in Brussels after a night on the town. We are heading up to the main road where we hope to catch a taxi. Failing that, we’ll call an Uber. Just love how easy life can be, everything available at the click of a smart app on my iPhone. We’re in no rush to […]