Love changed my life story #love #reiki

Monday morning, the Wizard catches up with me as I am skipping my way from the parking lot under Brussels North station to the office. I take nice long strides, and add a distinguished bounce to my step. Head held high, chin uplifted, I smile at the grey winter sky.

“Howdi good guy,” I smile at him. “I paid off the Old-Woman-who-lives-in-a-Shoe. Yipee! Wim sent me the money. I feel so relieved, so happy, so light. Now I need to work on new clients. My aim is to generate 1.500 extra income this month. Not sure how. Need to chase those video trainings too. Have you launched your daily bread business?”

The Wizard hovers next to me as I wait at the traffic light to cross the busy road.

“Nearly there. Just negotiating kitchen space,” the Wizard answers eyeing me keenly. “Good for you and Wim.”

“It’s wonderful Wim helped,” I am not even going to try to hide my triumph. Life feels so much better when you approach it as a team. “I’m much more happy being in debt with him than with the Old-Woman-who-lives-in-a-Shoe.”

The light turns green for the pedestrians and I stroll merrily over the zebra crossing. I look back at the Wizard: “Send some pics when your kitchen is done.”

I refuse to reach old age still carrying the negative stories of a lifetime. Stories so powerful and convincing they are internalized as reality, becoming burdens and barriers to my happiness and wellbeing.

Through the energy of love and by studying Reiki I have learned that my personal stories are just myths, and they do not define me. When I open my heart to my children, my partner… The millenary science of Reiki teaches me how to break free of a past that no longer serves me, and empowers me to become the storyteller of my own book of strength, healing and beauty.
With the help of Reiki, I am training to become a successful energy medicine practitioner and health coach, whilst enjoying a joyful life and a rewarding career.
I want to make a difference in the world around me. I am ready to bring health, meaning, and purpose into my life and those of others. Just ask me if you are interested in an energetic introduction.


* Disclaimer : Any resemblance between the fictional characters in this story and any persons, living or dead, is a miracle by chance more than by choice.


Reincarnation #SillyCindy

Thursday morning driving to work. Traffic jams all over the place. The ideal time to catch up on the latest gossip with my favourite telephone voice, Dorothy Gale.


Re-inventing yourself isn’t easy,” I sigh into my handsfree earphones. “I need some clues. Some keys.”

“OK, I will help you next week,” Dorothy promises.

“Ooh that’s so sweet of you!” I purr down the phone. “But why would you do that? Do you love me in some strange way?”

“Yes,” is all Dorothy has to answer.

“The same way as you love Joti?” I ask her a bit in defence. I love Joti dearly too. Yet feel the poignant need to measure how much her love is for me, in comparison to somebody else.

“Nooo…” Dorothy draws out her answer slowly, giving her more time to think. “We have walked this earth together in some form before. Joti is my daughter. Who do you want to be?”

“Ooooh so strange! I was always worried that Willem was the re-incarnation of my nasty biological father, Graham. But he can’t be because he’s such a happy soul.” I jump straight in on this subject as it has been playing on my mind for ages now, but never found the appropriate moment to discuss it with Dorothy. “And people have remarked that Willem and I have been here before. It’s so obvious.”

“Graham was a once off,” Dorothy reassures me. “That mould is broken. His sons will be the last.”

“Anyways, I found out who Willem is when I visited my mother in hospital last week!” I tell her cheerily.

“Your mother was in hospital?” Dorothy interrupts.

“Yes, I received a message from my Auntie June, that’s my mom’s sister, telling me my mom was in hospital with pneumonia.” I recount the story to Dorothy.

“Your Aunt sent you a message?” Dorothy sounds disgusted. “And couldn’t your mother have informed you herself? What’s this for rubbish?”

“She said she was scared I wouldn’t let the children visit her during her once-a-month-court-ordered visit.” I go on to explain.

“Nooo, that war is long gone now,” Dorothy spits. “Why does she keep hanging on to that for? Is it to make people feel sorry for her?”

“Anyway, she looked good when I visited her in hospital,” I tell her. “So I sent a message back to my Aunt to inform her my mom was looking good. At which I receive a message back from her asking if I’m sure my mom looked good, because they spoke the evening before and apparently my mom sounded terrible. Dying, or almost.”

“Yeah, she’s just creating drama again.” Dorothy hisses. “Needs more attention. Typical for someone with a narcissistic disorder like hers.”

“I’m always surprised how we manage to see through all of her manipulations, but others don’t.” I ponder. “Especially the family in England. You’d think she’s a saint or something.”

“No darling, far from.” Dorothy susses. “It’s Freudian. People only see what they want to see.”

“Anyway, the big reveal is that Willem is my grandad reincarnated!” I almost sing it out. “He has come to help me stand strong.”

“What made you jump to that conclusion?” Dorothy wants to know.

“Willem was born on 6/06/16 at 21:21” I tell her proudly.

“Wonder why he chose you to be his mother?” Dorothy partly ignores my magic numbers.

“My grandad was born on 11/11/1922!” I shout out triumphantly. And because I get no immediate reaction, I answer her question: “Because he loved me dearly.”

“Willem is from 1666.” Dorothy whispers down the phone.

“And he doesn’t agree with what my mother is doing to me.” I go on. “Willem is my grandad.”

I wait for Dorothy’s reaction and giggle. I know she isn’t really buying it. So I add some fuel to the fire: “I can be your granny if you want. I’ve got granny pants and I do granny nail polish too. How does that sound?”

“I hated my granny,” Dorothy whispers.

“You don’t particularly like me,” I retort.

“No you can’t be my granny,” Dorothy pouts. “You’re too sexy in any case.”

“Come on, your granny must have had some appeal else she wouldn’t have had babies,” I point out to her.

“I guess so but not for me,” Dorothy is sounding real sour grapes all the way down the telephone line.

“Why didn’t you like her?” I enquire. “And who do I remind you of then? Or what kind of feeling?”

“She was a bad listener, my grandmother was,” Dorothy tells me and I can just imagine her nose all curled up. “You remind me of Fiona. The one that got away.”

“Well I am Fiona,” I laugh at her. “Not sure about the listening part though.”

“You are?” Dorothy all dubiously.

“Euh yes…” I’m sure she’s making fun of me now.

“You are in my fantasy,” Dorothy dreams on.

Now at this point I’m starting to find it a little bit creepy, because I’m not into girls. And for as far as I was aware, neither is Dorothy. She’s clearly a woman who likes men. Very clearly.

“We were in love in a previous life but both of us promised to another and therefore ours was an impossible love,” I’m starting to sound over romantic and terribly dramatic. “Like Romeo and Juliette.”

Dorothy answers with growing distrust in her voice.

“Or just your imaginary friend come to life,” I’m still trying to save the day for this insane conversation.

“I guess so. Or you let me down,” Dorothy finally gives in. “Maybe you were too good last time. Or I let you down.”

“That sounds more like it,” and I can’t help myself from cackling.

“Or something,” Dorothy’s breathing is going wild through the receiver. “Maybe you were a witch in the 14th century.”

“What happened in 1666?” I want to know, as I can’t let go that Dorothy predicted that my baby Willem was from 1666.

“Hastings,” Dorothy answers nonchalantly.


What do you think? Do you believe in reincarnation? Let me know in the comments below. 

Experiments in archetype design #SillyCindy

I’m jumping up and down excitedly as Dorothy walks into my kitchen on Wednesday. Well not too excited, because I’ve just had a tooth implant done. And everybody knows how fussy I am about going to the dentist.


“Dorothy darling, I no longer relate to Dorothy Gale from Oz!” I realize I am totally making sense, but hoping Dorothy gets my kind of crazy. “I’m Silly Cinderella!

There is a long awkward pause which I take as a cue to continue my line of thoughts.

“The proof: I am working my ass off, and being bullied by my mother and half-brothers,” I look at her expecting a show of the aha-moment, but her face remains blanco. “And I want to go to the ball and meet my prince. A prince with a shoe fetish. Hopefully he’s got expensive taste and he likes Louboutin, or Prada, or Jimmy Choo.”

Dorothy still stands there blinking at me. Then she slowly moves towards the kettle to get a cup of tea going. All this time she’s watching me without breaking eye contact.

“Which means you’re no longer my Wizard of Oz. You can be my Fairy Godmother instead.” I’m making this sound like a huge promotion. “You’ll magic me a pumpkin carriage and colour me beautiful. Then when the prince finds me and fits a Prada shoe on my foot, I’ll be rich and powerful. My mother and brothers will then ask for forgiveness for all the nasties they have done. Of course I will gracefully accept their apologies.”

Still no reaction from Dorothy. This requires a grand finale and big arm gestures.

“Then I’ll live happily ever after.” I sit down at the kitchen table and beam at her. I’m waiting for my applause and congratulations on this very serious business plan. The objectives are at least very commendable.

“I hope this comes true for you,” Dorothy finally replies in a tone too soft to meet my enthusiasm. “But I will remain the Wizard of Oz. I will make your case to your Fairy Godmother.”

“You know in some versions of the story there is no Fairy Godmother but Leonardo da Vinci, the inventor, instead.” I look at Dorothy expectantly. She might like being an inventor. “Hence you can help me to re-invent myself.”

Dorothy is thoughtfully stirring the tea, as if there are deep thoughts brewing up in her mind. So I take the opportunity to continue my plan.

“I’ve already been locked away and stripped off my beautiful dress,” I remind her. “Locked away as in the great family shunning. And stripped off my beautiful dress, as in stripped off all what I held dear or thought to be true.”

Dorothy solemnly hands me a cup of steaming hot tea and, still sunken into her own thoughts, starts to blow her cup gently.

“Does this sound nutty?” I want to find out. “Dorothy’s ruby slippers were stuck to her feet. She couldn’t take them off. And Silly Cindy lost one of her slippers…”

Here I go, making connections because certain elements stand out. At the same time ignoring the context is completely different for both imaginary damsels.

“No, you don’t sound nutty. Not at all. Metaphors are lovely,” Dorothy sips her hot tea slowly. “I think Cindy was just a manipulator.”

“She was?” I look at her surprised. Can’t remember anything of that part in the fairy tale. “Why do you say that?” And then to add some extra vigour and credibility to my statements: “I am working my ass off, you know.”

“She teased the prince with a blow job and left her slipper instead of her hankie.” Dorothy looks at me with big eyes.

“What difference does it make, between the slipper and the hankie?” I’m giving her my evil look now. Don’t burst my bubble, Dorothy.

“The slipper can only fit her foot as it was made to fit,” Dorothy remarks. “Not like shoes in a shop.”

I let out a deep sigh and find my spirits plummeting into despair. I was so sure there was gold to be found in my new archetype.

“Is Wim your dying prince?” Dorothy starts to tease me now there where it hurts most.

“That’s not funny, Dorothy!” I shout at her woundedly. “You’re making it sound like Swan Lake.”

“It’s not meant to be funny,” Dorothy says dryly. “Yes tragic, isn’t it?”

“He’ll survive,” I say in defence. There is something about this conversation that is bothering me, but can’t for the life of me figure out what it is, or what I’m feeling in reaction to it.

“I hope for your sake,” Dorothy grins my way. “Otherwise I will be stuck with you for ever.”

Dorothy starts pulling weird faces at me. At which we both just burst out laughing and finish off our tea with an extra helping of chocolate mousse. Mmmm delicious!


What do you think? Which archetype best suits me, and which one for Dorothy? Do you have an archetype you identify with? Let me know in the comments below.

Reluctant in love #SillyCindy

After a very long telephone conversation and talking like a mad hatter, Dorothy decides to come over for a cup of tea. We’re Tuesday evening, and into some soul searching girl talk. Women share their innermost doubts and feelings with those they feel most comfortable around.


“I think I’m in love with Wim,” I start out cautiously whilst sipping my hot cuppa. “But at times I also think Wim finds me convenient. Which is a strange thing to think when I am very obviously not a convenient solution at all.”

“Convenient in which way?” Dorothy asks.

“Well I just go along with it all, don’t I,” I’m pointing out the obvious. “I’m always here waiting for him, one week on, one week off. Whenever it suits him, he comes. It’s not about me or what I would want.”

“That doesn’t sound very positive,” Dorothy murmers. “What about the not so convenient aspects?”

“Well obviously, I’ve had a baby with a different man. I’m complex and complaining and need lots of attention and reassuring,” again pointing out the obvious. “If it were purely about convenience and sex, then he could get that elsewhere and much cheaper. There are 100.000 Fiona’s out there, you know. I’m not unique.”

“After all this time you still don’t know?” Dorothy retorts a little reproachful. “How long have you guys been together now and just winging it?”

“Five years now,” I answer dreamily. “Five years and a bit.”

“So you’re telling me five and a half years, and still no commitment? Still not living together, not even a plan considered, and still no ring on your finger.” Dorothy spits out. “How on earth do you convince yourself that this is love and that you are not convenient?”

“We also have to face the practicalities of life and what works best for the kids,” I tell her defensively.

“No. Tell me this,” Dorothy is on her high horse now. “Was it ever considered that you move into Wim’s loft? All of you just move in together there? Was it even considered?”

“Well no…” I trail off. “His loft would be too small for all my kids and all his kids together.”

“But it wasn’t even talked about!” Dorothy half shouts. “And that’s where the inner conflict lies hidden.”

“Well tell me about your love life then,” I am pouting now. “If you know it all so better.”

“In my love life, I think that Mr Threesome just wants sex. And all the rest is rubbish I’m creating around it.”

“Well he is the third wheel so what did you expect?” I ask her. “Surely you’re not expecting him to put his life on hold while you figure things out with number 2.”

“But we’ve known each other for such a long time. More than 10 years now…” Dorothy trails off.

“I can’t speak for him as I don’t know his version of his truth,” I tell Dorothy softly. “Talking about love, my own mother doesn’t love me. End of that story.”

“OK, if you say so,” Dorothy looks at me tenderly. “Do you love her?”

“Of course I do, she’s my mother,” I reply with a bit too much zest in my gestures. “But she’s narcissistic and doesn’t know what love is. It’s always all about her. She has no notion of selfless unconditional love for her children. Her children are mere extensions of herself to serve her. As I don’t serve her, she has rejected me.”

“Not so strange then that you go on to marry a narcissistic husband,” Dorothy remarks.

“Look this is hard. I think I do know I do love Wim,” I’m starting to sound defensive despite doing my best to keep myself in check. “It’s just very scary. Don’t push me.”

“I think you are wrong about that. But it is your truth,” Dorothy gives me a very long, very intent look. Then muses on: “Mr Threesome has nothing to do with Eric.”

We look at each other and start giggling about our love life exchange of information.

“Darling, I am not pushing you anywhere,” Dorothy gives me a big smile. “My task is to make you think.”

Marta has nothing to do with Eric,” I continue the banter just a little bit more. “She just wanted me around for the money and for possible business contacts. When that didn’t materialize she dumped me.”

“Why are we talking about Eric?” Dorothy suddenly interrupts. “No one mentioned Eric.”

Eric is always lurking in my mind,” I admit sullenly. “And on yours. You brought him up.”

“I did?” Dorothy looks puzzled for a moment.

“Why do you say I’m wrong about being in love with Wim?” I’m feeling very hurt at this point. “I don’t get it.”

“Oh my, is that the time?” Dorothy suddenly looks at her watch and jumps up. “No. I have go. I will pick this up after lunch tomorrow.”

“Bon appetit,” I call after her as she dashes out of my kitchen. I just hate it when she starts a subject and then leaves me to think too much about it.


Life is full of decision. And the choices we make are the factors which determine our present and our future. Constantly confronted with the test of our ability to make good decisions. How do you do that?

There is so much pressure on us daily to decide, to chose and then live with the consequences. If you make no decision, don’t be fooled. Somebody else will make the decision for you and the outcome might not be what you had wished for. So know what you want, say it, own it, and then go for it.

When you have found your life purpose and when you are fully living your dharma, you will find yourself centered in your deepest truth. This means that from this state of being, the decisions you take are all lined up to serve you first. You know when you have made the right decision for you as you will feel a huge vibrant serving of pleasure and meaning.

But it is certainly not for everyone. Run, run, run far away if you are still wallowing in the depts of indecision.


What do you think? What is your definition of love? Let me know in the comments below.

Jungian dream analysis #SillyCindy

If you remember, I am on the phone with Dorothy and we are hopping like mad rabbits between different subjects. She had been a little reluctant that I didn’t remember her angel dream from six years ago or so. To recap, this is what Dorothy told me about her old dream: “I was playing around on graves, and suddenly I found myself surrounded by all these children. They were not my children but dark angel children who wouldn’t let me go. And I woke up screaming: NANNY! NANNY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MARC! MARC!”

And now she has had another one of these dreams, extraordinary in her perception. Whilst for me, I stand by the perspective that we are not unique. However, I love Jungian dream analysis. It is something I indulge in as well as tarot card reading, so I am in fact eager to hear about her dream, and find out its hidden meanings and messages.


Dorothy starts to recount her dream for me: “In my dream this time there were again 3 graves. These graves were white and they belonged to children. The entire little cemetary was covered with little white gravel stones. I didn’t believe it was true and real so I went and had a look. The middle tombstone read “Silly Cindy”. Then the angel statues turned their heads to me and started talking to me. The angels kept following me everywhere I went. I kept finding keys which opened doors to houses. It was creepy but not scary.”

“What was behind the doors?” I ask her.

“I dont know. It was keys that opened front doors to properties,” Dorothy muses on.

“OK, so I don’t know clearly what I want or what I feel,” I confess to our previous thread.

“Yes, that was another one of my thoughts,” Dorothy jumps back and forth just as easily. “That you are scared of emotions.”

“That’s interesting. Yes I think I am.” And I manage to flip back again: “What were the angles saying?”

“I also think you don’t know how to read or react to emotions well,” Dorothy tells me wisely. “I can’t remember what the angels were saying. But I did tell them to stop following and watching me because it was freaking me out.”

“They were all dark angles?” I ask her again.

“No white angels this time.” Dorothy ponders. “Snow white.”

“Where did the dark angel children go?” I wonder.

“I don’t know.” Dorothy whines. “That was years ago… It could be loads of things. Graham and all his offspring, whatever happened to my grandmother in WW2, my mom and graham and my horrible start to life, the baby I lost, a premonition of Marc not recognizing the baby…”

“But so no dark angles in this dream?” I ask her just to be sure.

“Maybe I have accepted my shadows.” Dorothy offers.

“It’s a mix up of experience from start to now?” I reflect back.

“Could be…” Dorothy sounds unsure.

“I think you need to get serious about your life.” I tell her sternly.

“Then what do you believe the white angels are saying?” Dorothy wants to know. “Serious in what way?”

“Serious like ‘I am working my ass off being a single mom dedicated to my 3 kids’. That kind of serious.” I retort, and then in application to her dream: “Get a proper life. Pick a door and go in and deal with the problems handed to you. Keep your problems down to 63. The trick is not to get the 64th problem. But you seem to thrive on the 64th, 65th and 67th.”

“Deal with which problems?” Dorothy is trying to sound all innocent. Then she plays some math for me: “63 problems? 9×7. Or 64 is 8×8. And 65 is 5×13.”

I pause for a silent moment to let it all sink in. You see, most people you can easily bring into a trance like state by leading them round and round some metaphorical imagery in their minds. Dorothy however is part of the minority who will ask too many questions about details. The only way to put her mind to sleep before you can introduce some covert speech is by getting her to do the math: feed her numbers.

Dorothy continues: “I don’t get it. 67 is a prime number. Why not 66? That s nice 6×11.”

I interrupt her rant: “Life has 63 problems to solve each day, and no I am not going g to list them. The 64th and all others are the problems you create for yourself.”

“I create my own problems?” Dorothy cries incredulously. “Like which one?”

“Like ‘I think’ or ‘if this happens it means that’ or making assumptions.” I inform her of what I have learned myself. “Or not considering others in your planning but expecting instead.”


It is believed to be beneficial to identify with an archetype. This can be a classical archetype from Greek mythology. But it can also be a more contemporary figure like a movie star, an artist or a writer. It can even be somebody you know and who you admire very much. It could be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Or it could be Fiona from Shrek. It doesn’t matter who you chose to be, as long as it is somebody who resonates with your soul.

Next you need to attribute strengths and special powers to your archetype. These are the characteristics which make you unique in life. Dorothy has a knack in bringing information and teaching people. Fiona has guts and power to get things done.

And finally, to uncover your dharma, you need to figure out how you can use your special powers to the benefit of society and mankind at large. It’s along this incredible journey that happiness can be found.


What do you think Dorothy’s dream means? And what is your experience with archetypes? Let me know in the comments below.

Good and naughty #SillyCindy

It’s Monday evening when I receive a call from Dorothy. I haven’t seen her in quite some time and must admit I have been worried about her. Worried, and to be honest also lonely. Motherhood has these quirky moments where we adore our littles but it also leaves us feeling isolated. Which is why your support network is so important.


“Darling, I have a nosey alert,” Dorothy starts off. “I just bumped into Xavier here at work. He’s giving trainings or something of the sort.”

I pause for a silent moment. Dorothy broke up with Xavier a year or two ago now. And I’m still feeling a little hurt that she hasn’t mentioned how much she misses me.

“How are you?” Dorothy must sense my irritation because she interjects some polite conversation. “Did you have a nice weekend?”

“I am fine,” I answer gingerly. “Yes weekend was fine and yours? Give Xavier my regards.”

“Nice weekend too,” Dorothy plays along. “Been thinking a lot about our conversations lately.”

Ah so she does remember I exist then. “Really? Good thoughts I hope,” I continue.

“Yes pretty happy weekend,” Dorothy goes on. “How are things your end?”

“I think I love Wim,” I blurt out. I refuse to make this conversation all about Dorothy and her many disappointments in love. “But also love my freedom. Hated being married to David.”

“I understand,” Dorothy replies to truth. I know she’s holding back. Dorothy has a profound disliking for my ex-husband. “I am looking forward to that threesome, but dont want an affaire afterwards.”

“Huh?” I sound astonished. “You’re really going in for a threesome? I thought that was just philosophical talk?”

“I’m a very scared person and tend to exaggerate everything too black or too white.” Dorothy throws in as a reply. “So I need coaching to stop being a chicken.”

“And a threesome is going to help you get over your innate fears of commitment and intimacy?” I am slightly mocking her, but not too much. Don’t want to hurt any feelings.

“I need guts. Excuse the pun, hope your Wim can’t hear us.” Dorothy goes on. “Like the lion in the Wizard of Oz.”

“OK, well so far these are good enough thoughts,” I have learned by now that it is often more beneficial to go along with Dorothy’s wacko ideas for a moment, before bringing her back into reality. “And yes you do.”

“And you need to stop lying to yourself and stop hedging your bets.” Dorothy snaps back. “Also had a dream about the angels again. So creepy!” Dorothy suddenly changes the subject.

I sigh. Sometimes it’s difficult to have a coherent conversation with her. “I am not familiar with your angel dream.”

“You dont remember me telling you about my angel dream six years ago?” Dorothy almost sounds hurt that I can’t remember. “I was playing around on graves, and suddenly I found myself surrounded by all these children. They were not my children but dark angel children who wouldn’t let me go. And I woke up screaming: NANNY! NANNY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MARC! MARC!”

Silence as I ponder the possible meanings of her dream. I just love Jungian dream analysis. Being a bad listener, I misuse the pause to jump back to the previous subject. “Like what? Give me an example.”

Dorothy picks up the thread of our previous subject: “Well either you are or you are not. Trying to be both is hedging your bets.”

“I am what?” I spit out. “Being both what?”

Good and naughty,” Dorothy answer coolly.

“Being both Suzi and Joti at the same time, you mean like that?” I want to know, and then I add: ”I’m good.”

“If you like,” Dorothy sigh again. “Except I don’t know what you mean.”

“Suzi sees things very negative, more negative than it really is. Jo sees things over positive, better than it really is.” I pipe up.

“Ah yes like that.” Dorothy concedes.

“I’m good,” I state adamantly. “Not doing naughties.”

“Words like ‘I think’ or ‘I will try it’ or ‘I want’ don’t have much meaning other than to start a decision.” Dorothy explains in turn. “Either you are in love or you are not. Trying to be in love and be free to do what you want will only rush the situation into confusion and you risk losing your soul.”


I guess we are all familiar with waking up to the fact that we are not living our lives in accordance to what we had hoped and dreamed. Planning out your life step by step doesn’t work. We need to be able to adapt to each change and curveball that life throws our way. Yet at the same time it is sensible to set goals for yourself and to hold on to your desires as a compass indicating the general direction of your life pursuits.

We experience conflict arrising within ourselves when we lie. The worst part is lying to yourself. Not wanting to see reality for what it truly is. There is value in calling a cat “a cat”. Giving things their proper name has healing powers in it. Put whatever situation you are facing in front of you and observe it to your best ability. Once you have discerned what it is exactly that is going on, you can give it a name and then deal with it for what it truly is.

Anyway, don’t create extra problems for yourself by worrying too much.


What do you think? Is it possible to live a fulfilling and meaningful life when you are both good and naughty at the same time? Let me know in the comments below.

Dreams come true

Last night, Dorothy and I were sitting out on my patio drinking a nice cup of tea. I’m happy to be drinking proper PG Tips tea purchased from the international section in the local Delhaize. It just tastes so much better than Lipton or Twinings. Gives a feeling of being home. We’re looking out on my garden and the swimming pool, enjoying the seclusion offered by the surrounding trees, giving a wooded area touch to my privacy.

“Look how far you’ve come.” Dorothy remarks. “Had you ever thought you would be living in a place as beautiful as this?”

“I must admit I’m a very lucky girl.” I reply.

“This is more than being lucky, darling.” Dorothy insists. “You’re a hard working woman. You deserve all the beauty that surrounds you.”

“Ow thank you, sweetheart. That means a lot to me.” I answer tenderly.

“Just goes to show how far a clear vision and strong ambition can take you.” Dorothy says admiringly.

“And a fantastic man by my side.” I point out. Then I sigh, “My Wim is feeling a little taken for granted lately. I don’t really know what to do about it.”

“That hurts, doesn’t it.” Dorothy looks at me intently.

“It sure does. Although I still believe you chose how much you allow something to hurt you.” I go on.

“No darling, those kinds of comments hurt.” Dorothy is adamant I own my feelings and take responsibility for them.

“Which got me thinking I should advertise the house on AirBnB. See if I can make our joint investment lucrative.” I share my ideas with her.

“Really? That’s quite a good idea.” Dorothy picks up. “You’re such an entrepreneur. Always seeing new opportunities.”

“Yes well it’s that or more blow jobs and anal sex.” I giggle.

“Oh you’re bad!” Dorothy gives me a cheeky smile. “You know, I’m still so grateful you came to see the concert of U2 with me. It was so exciting. They’re my childhood heroes. It’s like a dream come true.”

“Pity we were sitting up on the balcony.” I remark.

“Why’s that? We had an excellent view from up there.” Dorothy gets defensive. “Much better than if we had been standing amongst the crowd.”

“Yeah, but we were too far to throw our panties on the stage.” I wink at Dorothy. “I had written my phone number in black ink on my panties. I’ve heard that Bono is likely to call you. Or more likely, he’ll get one of his assistants to call you.”

“I knew that.” Dorothy pouts. “I had stuck a label in mine, with my social media included an all.”

“Oh just imagine if he had called.” I start to dream. “Would you have gone?”

“To be honest with you, I’m not sure.” Dorothy ponders. “I think the idea of actually throwing your panties is more exciting that acting upon the fantasy.”

“Yes, like your threesome idea.” I add sarcastically. “I’ve got some more dreams coming true lined up.”

“Tell me all about it!” Dorothy is wriggling in her seat.

“I’m going to take my Lilly to see Shakira in concert.” I confide. “She’s a big fan, you know. She wanted us to travel to Colombia to see her. And then I saw on Facebook that she would be on world tour. I got tickets immediately.”

“Wow, you must have one happy little girl right now.” Dorothy smiles.

“True, my Lilly is really looking forward to it.” I beam. “I just hope she understands that a concert is watching her idol perform on stage. That it’s not as if she’s going to be having a meet and greet with the artist. Though I have tried to Google that.”

“Maybe you should check more closer to the time.” Dorothy says to me. “They might just offer a meet and greet. You never know. If it’s your wish, the universe might grant it to you.”

“Oh now that’s a wonderful idea.” I exclaim. “And so looking forward to our trip to Senegal. I think the planning and the research is probably the most exciting part of the trip.”

“Yes, that is what they say.” Dorothy imagines. “Say darling, I’ve noticed you’ve been so active on social media lately. Getting all of your Google certificates out to the world.”

“Yes, I thought it was time to showcase my skills and update my knowledge.” I imagine I can become the expert I actually know I already am. “Vacation time is wonderful for upskilling.”

“It’s because of your discussion with Google, isn’t it?” Dorothy observes. What is it with Dorothy lately? She’s keenly observing and reacting in the wisdom I’ve been trying to bestow on her.

“Yes, I must admit that I want to transform myself into the kind of person Google would want to work with on the Digital Masters Academy.” I assess.

“You don’t have to prove anything, you know dear.” Dorothy looks at me concerned. “You’re going to head straight for a burn-out again if you continue like this. Are you having enough fun?”

“To be honest with you, July has been rather glum. All my support network decided to go on vacation. All at the same time: my babysitter, my housekeeper, the children’s nanny. It was a tough month. But I survived.” I am proud to tell her. “Managed to keep things going.”

“Bet you missed going out with me and having cocktails.” Dorothy looks at me knowingly. “And getting all silly.”

“True. Most of all though I missed my yoga.” I tell her with a heartfelt sigh. “I really need my yoga to stay on my abundance wave.”

“Shall I tell you another thing I’ve been thinking about a lot lately?” Dorothy is thoughtful. “I’ve been telling myself it’s time for peace and love.”

“That’s great, Dorothy.” I cheer her on. “I hope you indeed get the love and happiness you deserve. Because I also believe that a life without friction is key in being the best possible version of yourself. Your entire life will be just so much more successful than it already is.”

We feel bonded together in the spiritual realm of love. Dancing together to the rhythms of the universe. That evening, we played the Wish Game, and hoped for beautiful coincidences leading to love, peace and happiness in each area of our life.


What do you think?  Will our wish come true? Let me know in the comments below.