Turn your yoga into stories

One of the things I haven’t reported on yet, are the people I have met here at Floripa. Wonderful, interesting, beautiful people. They are part of the whole experience and are contributing to making my yoga practice a whole lot stronger.

Yoga is in the details

Although yoga is practiced by both men and women, there tends to be a predominance of yin energy present in any class. Which is why I often experience my yoga sessions as a deep immersion in the sacred feminine heart. It’s a moment to live from the heart, to connect from the deep feminine essence, in sisterhood, in confidence and in love.

My yoga holiday is a completely different type of holiday than what I am accustomed to. Instead of a five star hotel, I have found a celebration of light and love, of complete healing, pampering, recharging and unloading in deep workshops and rituals.

Yoga is out of this world

What a beautiful start to the holiday, awakening and healing our sacred, feminine heart. To descend from our head into our heart, and from our heart into our body, to cleanse our feminine consciousness.

How to breakthrough with your yoga

Sometimes with yoga we get caught up in our own world. But it is just as important to connect with the people around us. After all, in our practice we are sharing our breath and vibration together.

Sweet, beautiful, strong women honouring the sacred feminine spirit.

And when I’ve had enough of all the voo-doo, I also really enjoy yoga because it’s yet another occasion to go shopping : a deep desire and need to revamp my yoga wardrobe J


PS the clouds are still honouring my presence in Sicily as global rain goddess. Whenever I dare set a foot outside, the clouds shower me with their attention and rain.


— Pozzallo, Sicily (April 2017)


Yoga Your Way to Glowing Skin

Floripa Surf & Yoga House is a B&B offering Surf lessons, Yoga classes, bike rental and healing massages. Plus, they grow their own entirely organic, energy-boosting fruit and vegetables. The beach is only across the street and over the dunes. Need I say more?

I was truly excited to come here and have discovered a hidden treasure in the Mediterranean. So happy to be sharing part of the effect of yoga on your overall wellbeing.


Yoga is important

Yeah, so I’m doing this. Exercising my yoga daily. Even twice daily. Not really feeling any difference yet, but still loving some me-time in between the dynamic workouts I get from just running after my 3 kids all the time. Love that sport most of all.

Still yoga is supposed to keep your spine flexible. And a flexible spine is said to be key in delagying the effects of ageing. Not to mention the different ways in which yoga will benefit a scattered mind.


Paddle surfing

The older kids thought they should give that a go. And they loved it so much, I’m going to have to take them down to the beach for more paddling again tomorrow.

We actually had some sun today. Yet the clouds wouldn’t completely part with their rain goddess just yet. Maybe tomorrow…


Haven’t tried the bikes yet, but have a massage booked for tomorrow (does that count) ?

At any rate, spending your days outdoors, getting your blood circulating with daily yoga workouts and eating vegetarian most of the time, is bound to increase your beauty span. I would warmly recommend any woman over thirty to get their ripe old booty out to a yoga farm. Go and create yourself a connected, comfortable, happy and confident body !


— Pozzallo, Sicily (April 2017)

Staying On Track While Writing The Story

I must say I am blessed to be traveling with my 3 wonderful children. And even more so to have my babysit on board during our adventure. Marie-Lou is a very interesting girl, holding a lot of creative and caring energies. She has an emphasis on relationships.

This is interesting as I always find that the major message is around the relationship with one self.

The main idea presented today during our yoga session was to take care of ourselves, define what we want for ourselves, to say no more often to some issues in our lives, and, to throw out things that are no longer working for us. For myself, this would translate into :

  1. Making time to do yoga and to meditate. And lose weight (so long dark chocolate, it’s time to break up).
  2. Be the best version of myself. Travel (more).
  3. It’s just not meant to be with certain people. Too bad, move on (though admittedly I keep looking back).
  4. Stop waiting for other people. Be it waiting for a business partner, a travel companion, or a fulltime partner. It’s not happening (or I don’t want it to). Let’s just get on with it.

Whether it’s relationships, possessions, ideas, habits, self-negating memories,… This yoga retreat is a major time of purging those things that hold us back. Now this is an interesting thought because sometimes it seems as though I do actually have it all in hand, but something is holding me back from committing to certain things in my life. But then when I examine that thought a little closer, it appears to be not completely true as the mutual commitment is lacking on the other side too. Curious.

So looking back at this evening’s Yin Yoga session at Floripa Yoga House, I am in the midst of analyzing, revising, rewriting and rewiring my attitudes towards relationships of all kinds. At times It feels like I’m a little blown off course, but the messages blowing in are gentle and allow me to adapt.

The message speaks loud and clear, though : “snag these writing opportunities”. And I do. Just love this creative expression.

— Pozzallo, Sicily (April 2017)

Expand the borders of your education

Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves – Euripides


My friends know me well enough by now to understand the joke. I am a rain goddess. Whenever I go on vacation, wherever I go on vacation, I always take the weather with me. The clouds adore me. They honour my presence by showering me with continuous affection and rain. Happy wife, happy life – and a happy wife is a wet wife. Thank you very much.


The downpour isn’t ruining our vacation one bit. Being used to rainy weather, I always make sure we have rain coats and wooly jumpers with us. Sicily has been taking by storm since our arrival last night and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. To be fair, we can’t blame it. We are enjoying wonderful shades of light, making for stunning landscapes.


At Floripa Surf & Yoga House – bed and breakfast – the people here life an enviable way of life. Though I can’t completely adhere to a strict vegetarian way of life, I could definitely get used to a couple of hours of yoga every morning.


Eating humble pie

When our yoga instructor asked me this morning what level yogi I am, I was proud to announce I am intermediary level. She looked very impressed. All the much with the fact that I was a single mum traveling with 3 kids – well-behaved kids too, I have been told.


Anyway 15 minutes into class, I had to swallow my words. I don’t believe I’ve experienced yoga at this level yet. Granted it was the vigorous form of Vinyasa Prana Yoga, but still this really showed me up. Let’s see how I do with Yin Yoga this evening. The kids and babysitter are off doing a class of Kundalini Yoga right as we speak.


So essential tip if you’re to be going on a yoga retreat : just say you’re a beginner, even if you have 10 years of yoga experience. This is something else. What did you expect? These people breathe yoga. Do you need yoga ? Hell yes, just take a look at the smile on their faces. It’s worth it when you see the benefits yoga can bring your body and mind.

Downside : what’s the deal with the internet ? This casa does have wifi, but haven’t got it to perform properly on my Mac, having me resort to setting up a personal hotspot on my mobile. This is going to cost me. But well worth it !


To make up for it, they do have a wicked blend of coffee going at this Yoga House. Seems obvious, right? Normal coffee with a twist. Need to find out what it is and how I can make it at home !

  • Pozzallo, Sicily (April 2017)


Don’t open this till morning

I set out today with my three littles, ànd their babysitter, on our new adventure. We are about to discover the benefits that can be found in a yoga retreat.

Managed to pack everything on time. Check. Left the house on time. Check. Got to the airport without any detours or delay. Check. Nobody’s perfect. Especially not this crazy woman. These are the things I need to do better – for next time, of course :

  • Learn to travel light. I say the babysitter’s tiny suitcase. And then my own 3 Goldilocks suitcases (sizes large, medium and small). Why do I think I need so much. Will only be gone for 5 days and it looks like I’m moving house. Think light.
  • Work out those arm and back muscles. At the airport, I divided the luggage between us so our whole team could pull together in getting luggage to the check-in. I was convinced the large case must way at least 30 kg as I was sweating and tugging at the case, with my rucksack on my back and my camera case over my shoulder. How disappointed I was when the large suitcase turned out to way no more than 16 kg. OK so it must have been the weight of my MacBook Air in my backpack, right ?
  • I’m a naturally born leader. Ahem. And I tend to boss people around. Anyway, after a few friendly airport personnel told me to calm down. I did. I smiled.

And now we have arrived at our destination : Floripa Surf & Yoga House, in Sicily. I can’t tell you what it looks like though. We got here after 20h. The Mediterranean turns dark just before 20h in spring. So it remains a mystery what our surroundings look like.

What I can tell you about our lodgings so far is this :

  • Staff is super friendly ! Everybody greeted us with a smile. And so helpful. We all immediately felt welcome, comfortable and in the holiday mood.
  • It smells wonderful. Special attention has been given to the aroma’s in each room. A true delight for the senses.
  • Activities galore. We are already planning what we are going to do tomorrow. Yoga class for me in the morning, and a Yin Yoga session to end the day. Marie-Lou, our babysitter, is interested in a Yoga creative workshop in the afternoon. The kids want to see the beach and can’t stop hassling Michael for Surf & Paddle lessons. Oh, and did I mention there are massage and beauty treatments to be booked ?

Can’t wait to unlock all the delights this retreat has in store for us !

— Pozzallo, Sicily (April 2017)